After making an infinite number of fanfic-based collections and writing for ages on wattpad in Italian (my mother tongue) I decided to move to ao3 and practice my English. If you ran out of thing to read or might want to give legs a chance I'd be on cloud nine!

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genere: AU; angst; sentimental
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_Park Jimin is a senior dancer at Korea National University of Arts, South Korea's most prestigious dance school, one step away from starting a thriving career as a modern dancer.
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rating: mature - triggering topics
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pairings: yoonmin, taekook, namjin
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updates: one per month
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extract from chapter 15 circa

Jimin's toes brushed the floor and he shivered, holding on closer to Yoongi's body.
He smelled of cologne, whiskey, and tobacco.
"Yoongi," he said suddenly letting the words flow from his lips at the same moment he thought them, without even thinking. "Could you hold me for two seconds? I want ... I'd like to be able to touch the floor. "
Yoongi stiffened, Jimin felt his sharp inhale of breath on his skin. After a few moments, Yoongi turned his head, tilting his slim neck back, and their eyes meet. Jimin's - who aware of not being able to move his legs, still could not stop himself from trying to stretch his foot that barely touched the floor - feverish gaze and Yoongi's full of surprise and fear.
“Please, please. Just a few seconds. He asked, the desperation in his voice such that it seemed almost foreign to his own ears.
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«Jimin we do not create art with our body, but with our soul.»

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