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hello hoes, here i am back ranking itzy's choreographies.
warning!: this is just for fun, no hate pls.


  • 8. it'z summer

it's a good choreography for who is trying to dance a new style, it's complexe and tiring sometimes just like icy, but it's kinda "eh..." for me. my favorite part it's the ending, their synchrony to pose it's chef kiss. the girls did so well, but still not my fav.

  • 7. want it?

this choreography is kinda easy and catchy, but can be intense and hard in some parts. there's "transitions" between the members that looks like 'not shy', confuse and complex. the song isn't my favorite but the choreography is good, but not the better for me. i like the fact there's so many "domino effect" and the synchrony it's perfect.

  • 6. not shy

it was hard to decided where put this choreography, because i thought sooo much that will be #8 or #7. the song is amazing, but the choreography isn't my favorite. but still good, the transition it's satisfying and the pre-chorus part it's amazing. for me, is not hard or intense, but its very complexe and confuse sometimes. like always, the girls did so well and their synchrony it's almost perfect. not my favorite, but deserves to be here.

  • 5. dalla dalla

this choreography its hard and tiring, its very complexe and intense. but there's so many parts that looks "empty" between the transition of the members. it's hard, complexe, tiring, and looks smooth when they dance; but not my style.

  • 4. icy

my favorite title track. like so many itzy's choreographies, it's tiring and complexe. i love how it's look easy when you watch it, but when you try it to dance it's ๐Ÿ˜ณ๐Ÿ˜ณ, and the "domino effect"... oooh i love it. it's good because sometimes the dance matches with the lyrics, and that's a good point for me.

  • 3. 24hours

just like 'not shy', it was hard to decided where put this choreography, like cherry, this song it's just some beats and random noises, but still a complexe choreography. it's tiring, has the "domino effect" (and that's a good point for me, to show their synchrony) even looks simple. it's kinda chic for me too, even being a simple dance and song. i think deserves to be here, in #3.

  • 2. cherry

i dont know why this choreography is here because i love this song or the dance its perfect. dude, they SLAYED in the stage. isn't hard to me, but boooy, looks hard when you try it to dance. i love it how the song it's just some beats and random noises, but the choreography still complexe and hard. the movements isn't intenses like almost all itzy's choreographies, but just the fact you have to match your movements with the beat and synchronize all of it, looks perfect to me.

  • 1. wannabe

well, i'm not surprise. but can we talk about how PERFECT they look when performed this song??? this is almost a perfect combo for me. it's hard, complexe, intense and i c o n i c. the transitions between the members it's more complexe then others choreographies, and it's satisfying when you watch it they dance AND sing. itzy, you did SO well. we will miss you, wannabe era and the iconic shoulder dance.

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thanks for reading, sorry any mistake, not fluent yet.