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1. Your Favorite Song

Image removed Taylor Swift and folklore image

2. Your Not-So-Favorite Song

brendon urie, lover, and Lyrics image lover, me, and pink image
ME! (feat. Brendon Urie)

3. A Song That Reminds You Of Someone You Love

quotes, pink, and rose gold image Image by abby

4. A Song That Reminds You Of Someone You'd Rather Forget

quotes, night, and text image Image by Biia.
Dear John

5. The First Taylor Song You Heard

black, handwritten, and Lyrics image Taylor Swift and taylor image
Stay Beautiful

6. A Song You Wish She'd Written For You

quote and words image Taylor Swift, delicate, and music image

7. A Song That You Wish Was A Single

cruel summer, Taylor Swift, and taylor swift lyrics image albums, music, and Taylor Swift image
Cruel Summer

8. A Song That Makes You Cry

quotes, Taylor Swift, and Lyrics image Taylor Swift image
Wildest Dreams

9. A Song That Reminds You Of Someone You Miss

Taylor Swift image 13, lover, and Reputation image

10. The Song You'd Choose For Your First Dance

Image removed Taylor Swift image

11. A Song That Makes You Feel Badass

Reputation and Taylor Swift image Taylor Swift image
Getaway Car

12. The Song That Best Describes You

red, starlight, and Taylor Swift image Taylor Swift, 1989, and taylor image

13. A Song That Grew On You

back, never, and Swift image Taylor Swift, perfect, and red image
We Are Never Getting Back Together

14. A Song That Gives You Strength

1989, aesthetic, and life image Taylor Swift, out of the woods, and ootw image
Out of the Woods

15. A Song That Makes You Want To Dance

13, lover, and Reputation image Taylor Swift, Reputation, and look what you made me do image
Look What You Made Me Do

16. A Song You Sing In The Shower

Taylor Swift, Lyrics, and song image aesthetic, celebrities, and era image
I Knew You Were Trouble.

17. Your Favorite Track 5

folklore, letters, and Lyrics image aesthetic, album, and edit image
my tears ricochet

18. Your Favorite Opening Song

quotes, couple, and mine image Taylor Swift image

19. Your Favorite Closing Song

day, new, and pink image Reputation, Swift, and taylor image
New Year's Day

20. Your Favorite Collab

bon iver, dark red, and exile image aesthetic, black and white, and exile image
exile (feat. Bon Iver)

21. A Song That Makes You Feel Nostalgic

10, fearless, and Lyrics image Taylor Swift image

22. A Song You Need To Listen To More

art, dreamer, and handwriting image :), as, and cold image
Cold As You

23. The Song Of Your Favorite Music Video

Taylor Swift, the man, and lover era image background, crush, and handsome image
The Man

24. A Song That Helps You Fall Asleep

aesthetic, couple, and death image alternative, folklore, and music image

25. A Song From Your Favorite Album

Betty, folklore, and Taylor Swift image Betty, folklore, and T image

26. A Song That Reminds You Of Your High School Crush

quotes and Lyrics image Image by abby
You Belong With Me

27. The Song With Your Favorite Lyric

baby pink, cardigan, and folklore image aesthetics, piano, and cardigan image
"To kiss in cars, and downtown bars was all I needed / You drew stars around my scars and now I'm bleeding" cardigan

28. A Song You Reuest The DJ To Play At Parties

Lyrics, Taylor Swift, and speak now image red, 1989, and style image
Better Than Revenge

29. A Song You Can't Bring Yourself To Listen To

lover, Lyrics, and Taylor Swift image Taylor Swift and lover image
Soon You'll Get Better

30. A Song That Sets Your Soul On Fire

August, folklore, and Lyrics image aesthetic, cardigan, and folklore image