In this short article, I wanted to show my jewelry. These are all affordable pieces, which I have bought in Bijou Brigitte, Six or other stores.

*Something I like to wear every day:

angel, gold, and necklace image

this angel necklace is stunning and goes with every clothes you wear. It is simple, petite and beautiful.

*I like to wear rings that are unique and rose colored:

jewelry, golden rose, and nails image

*On special occasions I like to wear earrings, that are a bit bigger and which have an interesting form:

earrings, vienna, and geometry image
  • If you are into history and symbols like me, you might also like this bracelet and necklace:
beauty, pearl, and d image
ankh, cross, and egyptian image

*Lately I have seen many girls wearing the rose symbol necklace, I think they are very girly and nice:

gold, necklace, and rose image

*If you are into horoscopes, then you will love this one:

astrology, gods, and jewelry image
  • I also like to wear sometimes unusual and colorful necklaces:
beauty, colors, and star image

I hope you liked my little collection!