A/N: I am NOT in any way a song writer. It can be for any group that gets a lot of hate for no reason. Specifically a member who receives hate for petty things.



To our everlasting haters, this is for you.
So long, muthafucka.

Verse One:

To the people who despise me
Talking shit online to spite me
I'm in Korea, you from a different country
Acting like you know everything about me
Never had a scandal, shit's made up for the public to fall for and hate me

Call yourself a fan but trip when I look at the opposite sex.
Please, you never had a chance.
We're just marketed as your boyfriends rather than musicians.

That's why you don't take me seriously
Wonder why we end up feeling like shit
It's cause of people like you who won't separate the work from the artist.


Tell me what I did
Did I say something wrong?
Did I kill your dog?
Have I set you off?
Come on, tell me
So long, muthafucka

(clipper sound, gun shots, beat drop, then the chorus is "So Long")

Verse Two:

How you call yourself a fan when you only for one of us?
We're a tight-knit ass family, close like a brotherhood
How are you a fan?
You see us at fan-meets with big ass teddy bears
Give em to your favorite member
He says he can't have it because we have to oblige by the rules
You get mad, throw your album then we all have to protect him from you!
Go and track down all our information
Just so you can see us
And take pictures of shit that's not meant for you
My dick is your lock screen while normal fans
Have our faces on theirs.

That's why you wonder why we feel like shit
When your ass is out there doing shit like this
We're out trying to live our dream, but they get crushed by people like you
You don't care about us as humans, you just wanna hurt people
You sick muthafucka


So tell me what the fuck did I do wrong?
Did I kill your goddamn dog?
Did I say something wrong?
Have I ever fucking set you off?
Tell me right now what I did wrong
So long, muthafucka!

(clipper sound, gun shots, beat drop, then the chorus is "So Long")


Ain't so soft boy over here
I ain't gon sit here and take your shit
While you sit on your ass eating bags after bags of chips!
Ain't so soft boy over here
If I find out you trying to follow me
I'm gonna clock your ass
Career or no career, I'd rather be safe than sorry.
So long, muthafucka.

(music cuts, followed by a gun clicking then shooting)