These are the shows that are coming out, it is September 24th 2020 so please bear that in mind.

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Emily in Paris

A girl from the Midwest is hired to provide an American perspective at a marketing firm in Paris. I love Lily Collins and I just want to say happy engagement because sheโ€™s engaged it was just mentioned a few hours ago or a day. Itโ€™s going to be good. I can feel it.

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Star Trek Discovery

Michael Burnham and her companions in the USS Discovery travel into the far reaches of space to meet new lifeforms and discover new planets. Iโ€™ve watched this show already. Micheal Burnham is the most inspiring young Black women characters I have come across. Her natural short black hair, her acting is amazing and her crying scenes make me cry.

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The Girl in a spiderโ€™s web

Hacker Lisbeth Salander retrieves Firefall, a dangerous NSA computer programme. However, after mercenaries steal it from her, Lisbeth finds herself facing the underworld and Swedish law enforcement.

To be honest, anything with spy, woman and disguise I have to watch it. I loved the old guard - if you loved this then check it out.
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A moving Image

Nina, a young stifled artist, returns to her community after a long absence and is soon painted as a symbol of gentrification. As she struggles with her own complicity, she begins to create a piece of art that can bring her community together.

It looks interesting!
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Nobodyโ€™s fool

After her release from the prison, Tanya realises that her sister is in love. However, suspicious of her sister's boyfriend she sets out to investigate him.

Itโ€™s already released in America, so if youโ€™re American check it out if you havenโ€™t. You know that I had to drop some black movies!

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