Name + Appearance:

aesthetic, aesthetics, and beauty image beautiful, cold, and cool image aesthetic, beautiful, and beauty image eyebrows and eyes image
Fire red hair, icy blue eyes, curvy body, and to many freckles.


fashion, autumn, and denim image comfy, cozy, and drinks image aesthetic, random, and tumblr image Image by Kylie🦋✨


quotes, insecurity, and life image quotes, beauty, and imperfection image baby, alice pagani, and benedetta porcaroli image hands, promise, and aesthetic image


Stephen and Emma OC
robbie amell image girl, hair, and beauty image boy, bed, and aesthetic image Abusive image


classycgal image boy, moto, and road image eyes, hair, and beauty image alone, feeling, and feelings image


Mother has the gene
mother image beautiful, mother, and love image
Only child, No father.


The Three T's Teleportation, Telepathy, Telekinesis.
hands, power, and magic image book, grunge, and human image car, power, and art image photography, boy, and tumblr image power image quotes, pink, and words image
I can resist Ultras technology but I haven't told anyone, and I think I can ... kill people I don't get headaches like the others get when hurting someone or fighting.

Love interest:

John Young
Image by In the eye abides the ℋeart▷ hand, blue, and power image aesthetic, random, and tumblr image luke mitchell and agents of shield image

I haven't seen anyone do this yet. I hope you like it!