Here are the shows that are on Netflix that I would like to watch and Iโ€™m excited to watch it!

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Close Enough

I really like this cartoon but I donโ€™t agree with the satanic references in them.

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I really like this show. I listen to it in Portuguese and read the subtitles. I really enjoyed season 1 and 2 and I really love Rafael I find him so sexy. I donโ€™t know why! Also, a new season is out! So check it out!

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Itโ€™s a British show so I donโ€™t know if it will be in every region but I really enjoy this show, up to the most recent season which Iโ€™m on is season 3. The Asian lead is amazing honestly - everyone deserved an Oscar for their acting it was so good/still is!

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It swears a lot but I really enjoy the characters. They act stupid but itโ€™s an easy show to watch especially if youโ€™re bored just keep your volume low.

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Brooklyn Nine-Nine

I am in love with the WHOLE CAST. Everyone! I really love Jake. Heโ€™s so good looking! His character is so funny!

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Teen wolf

I loved it. I didnโ€™t really like the show at first because of the war that it had with Vampire Diaries fans and because I thought that Teen Wolf was a low budget show made by MTV. This show grew on me and it taught me about friendship and leadership and Scott McCall - THE BEST CHARACTER EVER. Iโ€™ll definitely rewatch this in a few years. Itโ€™s so good! Itโ€™s mediocre compared to TVD but the

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The Originals

Itโ€™s a spin-off to TVD. I prefer it better than TVD. Itโ€™s less complicated and less romance focused. I love the storyline thatโ€™s based on werewolves and hybrids. Julie Plec (director) and her team did a wonderful job of this show. I was just too disappointed with the ending. It was so abrupt and I was annoyed with Legacies coming up straight after. I needed time to heal! Iโ€™ve watched this show 5 times lol. I loved season 1 and 2.

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How to sell drugs online (fast)

Itโ€™s a German/Dutch tv show and the reason why I say German and Dutch is that there are some scenes were Mobley (the main character) has scenes in Dutch and then German but it is German. I love season 2 which is the newest one. Getting over the language barrier is easy and I love the characters. I canโ€™t listen to the dubbed - I did for the first 3 episodes when I first started but now Iโ€™m used to listening to German.

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This is my favourite interracial couple show. Itโ€™s British and I love it. Iโ€™ve watched 3 seasons and I was very happy once Netflix took it from Channel 4 and made it into something. I watch this when I want to watch a show about unrequited love and love in general. The show is about adult life and I enjoy it.

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The weirdest movie ever. I would definitely rate this 10/10. I know I didnโ€™t rate the others but this show is so funny on all levels. It reminds me of Meet the Millers which is also a great family vacation movie!

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