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Now let's get straight into the next topic: Skincare. Who doesn't know the issues? It's not exactly easy to replace everything, from moisturizer to serum to creme.

Now let me tell you about my face.

Sometimes it's oily, sometimes my forehead and my cheeks are dry, sometimes I got breakouts everywhere. It basically does whatever the hell it wants.

Of course, as a woman my hormones and my monthly I-want-to-live-in-a-cave-time can influence it a lot.

One of my absolute favourite solutions to literally all of these problems is a facemask I make fresh everytime.

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Perfect for all the kings and queens and non-binary royals who want to do some self care but wanna take care of the earth too.

It has some really easy-to-get ingredients and it's quick to do.

From my experience, it refreshes the skin a lot, gets rid of built up sebum and old skin and also makes my face really soft and glowing.

So here is a list of what you need:

- Oat Flakes
- Coffee Powder
- Cinnamon
- Honey (You can use maple sirup or soy yogurt as an alternative)

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- As a bonus : healing clay (medical clay; healing earth) , jojoba oil, a lemon

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For me, it is easy to get these things in local zerowaste shops, also note that some supermarkets have cereal (= flakes) in paper packages.

And here is what you do:

Please note that you don't need a lot of anything for one portion! Just find the best mix for you.

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Pestle the oat flakes to make them smaller. It doesn't have to be powder-ish, just a little smaller than the usual flakes.
Mix the flakes, the coffee and the honey to a smooth paste. Add just a little, tiny sprinkle of cinnamon!

If you want to, you can add a little bit of the clay or include some drops of oil.

Then wash your face with some warm water to open your pores, make sure your face is clean, and apply the mask for 10-30 minutes.

Here is what it's doing to your skin:

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Oat flakes and offee give your skin some vitality and works like a natural peeling.
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Cinnamon helps the blood circulation and minimizes the pores.
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Honey is antibacterial and works as a natural antibiotic. It helps to soften your skin and leaves the hydrated 'pillows' inside of it like a stock. It also works well on acne scars - especially when you add just a drop of fresh lemon juice.
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Jojoba oil, my bae! Works wonders. Makes the skin soft like a baby butt. Seriously. Also helps with scars as well - give it time though! It also gives a natural instant glow without making the skin oily.

I would love to hear some results! Feel free to DM me about it <3 And in case you have any questions as well!

If you want more information about skin care, check out this article:


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Enjoy your selfcare, baby!

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