pink image study, study notes, and note taking image
your best friend at college


August, inspiracion, and motivation image coffee, organized, and planner image
being organized is key


aesthetic, study, and tea image notes and study image
for all the important notes you have to take

colourful pens

handwriting and school image aesthetic, beige, and ecoline image
makes studying easier


blogger, dior, and dior bag image blogger, outfit, and biker short image
big enough to fit all your stuff in it

toiletry bag

bag, brand, and chanel image chanel, aesthetic, and bag image
every girl needs one

cute water bottle

aesthetic, aesthetics, and beverage image drink, aesthetic, and fruit image
stay hydrated - stay concentrated


nuts, food, and healthy image croissant, delicious, and dessert image
nuts increase efficiency

comfy outfits

Image by lilu Image by Cᴇʟᴇsᴛᴇ ฅ^• ﻌ •^ฅ
especially for studying at home