1. Accept the truth and try to realize that everything is over. Accept the fact that life is changing. Express your feelings and don't lock them inside. Find some outlet for yourself to give them a way out. Don't hold back your tears, crying doesn't mean being weak. Remind yourself that it happens to people that this broken relationship is just a life experience, not a dead end and the end of the world.

2. Do not continue the conversation in the hope that it will become easier, or wanting to get answers to your questions. Chances are good that you will not hear what you wanted to say, and it’s unlikely that your ex will be happy to hear your voice again. If possible, get rid of all the things that remind you of your ex. Get rid of photos, correspondence, letters and even gifts. Free yourself from the agony of remembering him every time you look at these things. Don't put all the blame on yourself or on him.

3. Focus all your attention on yourself. Try to understand yourself better. Direct the energy of negative emotions in a different direction, which will have a positive effect: go in for sports, write, dance, compose music or even travel. Do what you enjoy. Focus on self-development. Self-development is better than any revenge. I understand that you will often miss your ex, but try to spend time with friends who support you and with whom you can be yourself.

4. Forgive him for inconsistency with your ideals, forgive him, because it is better to live in the present and bury the past. Remember that it's okay to be weak, but don't go back to the things that hurt you. Forgive yourself for allowing yourself to be hurt. Forgive yourself, because you didn't take care of yourself enough to pull back in time when he hurt you. Remember that all people take different time to recover. And that one day you'll get better. Be kind to yourself and don't let anyone hurt you again.