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I know that goth, emo and e-girl are not the same but I really like the gothic punk look, I have always liked it since boyfriend by Avril Lavinge. Also, I loved the style of Pink, I always wanted to dress like that but I am black and yhh.

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Link: https://youtu.be/Bg59q4puhmg

I come from a conservative area but I really want to dress this way, I am just shy and everyone practically watches anyone who dresses different but this is what I would look like if people didn't look. Also, I am too broke to keep changing my style.


Image by Javeigh ๐Ÿฆ‹ blue hair and dyed hair image 90s, aesthetic, and grunge image Image by Quo. Blvck Goddess
this hair or hair with a choppy fringe, I have a big forehead so it wouldn't work


angel, aesthetic, and necklace image 90s, aesthetic, and emo image aesthetic, goth, and cyber image goth, grunge, and aesthetic image
i really like the hello kitty charm


goth, edgy, and emo image maggie lindemann, makeup, and pretty image art, beauty, and blonde image aesthetic, alexa demie, and art image
it's a mixture between these, some time's I will have a soft look and then a harsh dark look


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bag, cute, and handbag image bag, cute, and handbag image beauty, chain, and fashion image edgy, handbag, and nails image
i like the bag that madison beer has


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i would have a lot of piercings, tbh


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these are so cute
I want to leave a little message; you can dress the way you like if it makes you happy then dress that way and don't worry. I am going to dress like this, one day. Also, remember we are young and we should enjoy our youth and dress the way you like!

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