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I got this idea from Alayna Dae, I really like her articles so please go and check out her other articles, they really inspire me.

I have decided to make this a series, so you will only see from a to e. I am going to five letters for each article.

a is for

always & forever by Mariah, the scientist ft Lil Baby

couple image aesthetics, korean couple, and korean love image
Broken hearts were made for two, I guess And it's so confusin' Findin' the right ways to express We in love, it's a feel

b is for

big is beautiful by Jucee Froot

gorgeous, Queen, and woman image autumn, fall, and rain image
in God's eyes, we are all the same I know, I know, they hate me because I am different My Big is Beautiful My Big is Beautiful I know I can't be nobody but me Crucify and Criticise I am gonna do it B.I.G

c is for

cash war by Gunna

beauty, fashion, and style image best friends, black, and fashion image
We're on the real, nothin' ain't changed us (Change) White Range Rover with the beige guts

d is for

Double Up by Nipsey Hussle (rip to the great)

2000s, aesthetic, and archive image beauty and melanin image
My dreams, come true My life, in diamonds Who knew

e is for

everything nice by DreamDoll

pink, glitter, and nails image Image by STEPHANIE<$
"Talk to me nice or don't talk to me twice" Now, maybe y'all listen Because when I say "Talk nice" I mean show me to the bag

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