(there are probably more artists that are way more underrated than the ones i listed but i feel like these artists deserve more recognition. I personally love listening to these artists atm)

sasha sloan

Lyrics, music, and quotes image red, aesthetic, and neon image aesthetic, art, and soul image aesthetic, cosmic, and moon image
her whole discography >>. . .Been listening since "Older" came out. Also, listen to her new songs: Lie, House With No Mirrors, and the latest one: Is It Just Me?
ultimate favs from her discography:
- Normal
- Is It Just Me
- Again
- Lie

Pink Sweat$

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I'm not sure if he's underrated but I definitely think he is slept on.
- At My Worst (currently obsessed w this one)
- Body Ain't Me
- Coke & Henny Pt. 2
- 17
- Honesty
it's so hard to choose only 3-4. so many good songs


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i recently discovered him and omg...i been missing out on some good music. Also these pics ^^ kinda give off the vibes of his music.
- less of you [those beginning vocals (hums?)...*chefs kiss *]
- 2 soon
- blue
- summer


blue, honey, and moon image blue, sea, and summer image butterfly and aesthetic image aesthetic, blue, and guitar image
i feel like he is the least underrated out of everyone here in this list but his latest album rocks and there are some singles that deserve more recognition bc it's fire
- breathe (i've been listening to this since it came out; everytime i hear it, i feel like i'm transported to another dimension)
- mean it ft. LANY
- lonely eyes
- i'm so tired ft. Troye Sivan

SHY Martin

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stream her latest single "Are You Happy?"
- Are You Happy? (currently top 3 on my playlist)
- can i call you back?
- Make Us Never Happen
- Nobody Likes Moving On

Gracie Abrams

gracie abrams image water, green, and aesthetic image quotes, story, and moment image butterfly, aesthetic, and blue image
support her music! I don't know much of her songs but these songs slap hard
- I miss you, I'm sorry
- 21
- Stay

Honorable mentions

  • Eyes - NiGHTS
  • if i were you - Blackbear ft. Lauv
  • if i could ride a bike - Chevy & Park Bird
  • i like u - NIKI
  • easy - Troye Sivan (this song is my fav rn)
  • chasing fire - Lauv
  • superhero - Lauv
  • Malibu Nights - LANY
  • Moonlight - Chase Atlantic
  • Basic - NiGHTS