stop letting him occupy your mind, he wasn't the one for you -a playlist i made when i was dumped like 3 weeks ago and couldn't stop crying. these songs really helped me put my problem into perspective, and change the mindset i had about the way things went down. hopefully they can help you out if you're in a similar situation <3

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some songs on the playlist include~

purpleworld -olivia o'brien

aesthetic and purple image quotes, neon, and happy image city, neon, and purple image purple, grunge, and tumblr image Image by nae road, grunge, and sky image
I started seeing purple all around me, everywhere I go / It once was just a pretty colour, and then it reminded me of you / Now it reminds me of something much bigger / Of the things that I can do

better off -ariana grande

aesthetic, Lyrics, and quotes image 90, aesthetic, and alternative image adidas, fashion, and light blue image aesthetic, pink, and soft image aesthetic, girly, and hair image flowers image
And if we're being honest / I'd rather your body than half of your heart / Or jealous-ridden comments / That come when you let in them feelings that I don't want

vanilla -holly humberstone

neon, light, and quotes image blue, drink, and aesthetic image aesthetic, archive, and cleancore image quotes, paint, and wall image vans, shoes, and Hot image jellyfish, grunge, and blue image
Now I don't wanna be your enemy / But truly I ain't got the energy / To wait for somebody you'll never be

shitty places, pretty faces -ashe

aesthetic, alternative, and indie image Inspiring Image on We Heart It girl, aesthetic, and mirror image cake, heart, and red image back, breakups, and dj image hands, aesthetic, and window image
We don't have to wait / For people to change in shitty places / We don't have to stay / With people we hate with pretty faces

not the end of the world -katy perry

autumn, beauty, and fall image beautiful, girl, and Queen image beautiful, eyes, and goals image dress, girl, and girls image lips, aesthetic, and stars image aesthetic, alternative, and makeup image
Throw on your fancy attire, fears in the fire / Don't lose hope / It's not the end of the world

red gatorade -audrey mika

blue, carefree, and drink image aesthetic, minimal, and skincare image quotes and self care image aesthetic, blue, and home image flowers, aesthetic, and candy image Image removed
Straight to my face and it don't feel right / This could be a game but you waste my time / Don't wanna be a shoulder to listen while you cry

gonna be okay -tiffany day

quotes, neon, and white image girl, aesthetic, and art image fashion, breakup quotes, and moving on quotes image white, exit, and light image aesthetic, bed, and girl image Image by Michell Cheam
Yeah it hurts right now /But in time I'll be right back before I know it / I'm gonna be okay, getting over you / 'Cause I know that all it takes is a moment for me to regain my balance

have a lovely day and look after yourself x also know that if you need a shoulder to cry on, advice / coping techniques, or just someone to listen i'm here