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So today I saw a cute article here, and I was so inspired that I decided to write mine. The idea is to show a little bit of me to you. I add some new topics, but please, make yourself a favor and go to Lyla's perfect article. Now that I've said it all, let's go!!!

The original one is by: @Lyla_


pastel, pantone, and aesthetic image pink, sky, and wallpaper image aesthetic, brunnette, and fashion image flowers, tulips, and bouquet image pink, chocolate, and food image books, library, and aesthetic image
my palate / pink sky / brown hair / tulips / chocolate / library


00s, 80s, and 90s image fashion, watch, and style image nails, beauty, and pink image makeup, parfum, and pink image rings, flowers, and hand image fashion, chanel, and bag image
neutral or pastel colors / watch / nude nails / always with lipstick / rings adiction / alpargatas, 'cause it's the best shoe EVER

Favorite Food

food, pasta, and delicious image pasta, food, and tomatoes image easel, wehearit, and peace and pasta image food, funny, and lol image food, pasta, and delicious image quotes, pasta, and life image
pasta, 'cause pasta is an emotion...


introvert, personality, and infj image harry potter and ravenclaw image quotes, soft, and bravery image choice, mind, and pictures image life, text, and work image quotes image
INFJ (MBTI) / Ravenclaw (HP) / Neutral Good (Alignment) / Type 4 (Enneagram)

My Lifestyle

fitness image yoga, fitness, and fit image study, school, and book image etsy, office door sign, and office decor image nails, products, and skincare image cute, love, and black image
workout / yoga / study & work / therapy to take care of my mental health / skincare / time with my family, friends and pet (this one is actually my dog and yes, he's the cuttest)


brain, book, and flowers image happiness, chemistry, and dopamine image freud, sigmund freud, and love image eyebrow, harry potter, and kim kardashian image book and psychology image quotes, mental health, and pink image

Favorite Quotes

quotes image stars, pin, and night image aesthetic, dreams, and personality image quotes and words image quotes, happiness, and into the wild image aesthetics, alternative, and jana image


books and book image cinema, film, and the book thief image aesthetic, lit, and the book thief image book, gif, and library image the book thief, quotes, and book image the book thief, sophie nelisse, and liesel meminger image
The Book Thief - Markus Zusak

Book Character

narnia image narnia, quadro, and aslam image character, chronicles of narnia, and the valiant image narnia image book and narnia image lion, animal, and wild image
Aslam - The Chronicles of Narnia

TV Show

draw and fleabag image draw, quote, and fleabag image draw and fleabag image cit, quote, and fleabag image netflix, andrew scott, and phoebe waller-bridge image screencap, phoebe waller bridge, and series image

TV Show Character

beautiful, Build, and empowerment image determination, empowerment, and girl power image anatomy, drawing, and art image drink, light, and photography image empowerment, girl power, and inspiration image cristina yang, greys anatomy, and icons image
Cristina Yang - Grey's Anatomy


pizza, quotes, and movie image eat pray love image food, delicious, and pasta image art and illustration image eat pray love and julia roberts image eat pray love, inspiration, and inspire image
Eat Pray Love

Movie Character

film, mask, and scene image movie, 13 going on 30, and de repente 30 image 13 going on 30 and movie image vogue, fashion, and magazine image green, pink, and shoes image king of pop, michael jackson, and mj image
Jenna Rink - 13 going on 30

My Dream Trip

paris, flowers, and pink image architecture, background, and city image city, travel, and france image travel, louvre, and city image city, paris, and france image 50s, 60s, and audrey hepburn image
Paris, France

6 Female Inspiration

audrey hepburn, feelings, and life image girls, women's day, and happy women's day image girls, quotes, and quote image quote and Right image folklore, Lyrics, and music image emma watson, quotes, and motivation quotes image
Audrey Hepburn / Malala Yousafzai / Michelle Obama / Maya Angelou / Taylor Swift / Emma Watson

How I Imagine Myself In 5 Years

apartment, bag, and beige image apartment, books, and candle image Image by FabSouthernDiva chic, empowerment, and encouragement image love, couple, and aesthetic image audrey hepburn, black and white, and happy image
achieving my body goal / moving out from home / adopting a cat / investing in myself / in a healthy relationship / being my best version

lot of kisses, byyyyye