Tbt when I was a crazy Helsey fannnn lmao


First song i heard

ghost, lgbt, and music image halsey, ghost, and grunge image
Ghost I think

Favorite album

badlands, hopeless fountain kingdom, and colors image Image by {V} halsey, good mourning, and hopeless fountain kingdom image halsey, aesthetic, and hopeless fountain kingdom image
Hopeless Fountain Kingdom

Favorite music video

Image by Mariana halsey, g eazy, and heartbreak image

Favorite song from Room 93

background, Lyrics, and song image halsey image
Loved the whole album but mostly Trouble

Favorite song from Badlands

halsey, badlands, and music image halsey, ashley frangipane, and badlands image
omgg its impossible to pick one ! ALL OF THEM !!!! the only one I DON'T vibe with is Roman Holiday.

Favorite song from Hopeless Fountain Kingdom

bisexual, girls, and colors image friendship, stranger, and women image

Favorite song from Maniac

3, am, and music image
3 AM

Song you wish was a single

aesthetic, aesthetics, and brown image
Strange Love

Most underrated song

quotes, halsey, and grunge image
Empty Gold

Most overrated song

alternative, brown, and eastside image closer and halsey image

Best Feat

beauty, closer, and Lyrics image halsey image
Closer fucking loved that song