Hello dears,
I've decided to revamp my article based on girlboss attitude because I don't really relate to it anymore. Of course, I've meant the advices I've gave you but as I've changed, my opinion about this topic changed. I don't see things like I did anymore. So I want to "adjust" this article according to my new experiences in life. Here I go. I hope you'll enjoy it and maby it can help someone find herself or make her win over hers struggles...


Preparation... it is good to prepare but it's not an essential. You prepare sorely and still struggle and fail on something. Well, we need to focus on what is after preparing as well. You can make your homework but won't get the grade because you struggled with presenting. And you can tell me like million times you could prepare and drill your presenting skills and I still won't believe it. I won't discuss it any further but the point is that the thing you can affect in the good intent of the term is your attitude (when you make a mistake or when everything or something fails - you should consider these thoughts - you tried it. You're still learning. You got the experience. You can try anew. This is not dead-end. You can rise and try again) This is the preparation you really need in your life.

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It is always good to have tidiness around you. It reflects on your mind soon and on clearness of your mind as well. You will have peace inside you.
As my article about Change says: You deserve more space for every unwanted, unnecessary and unused thing in your life.


If you have goals and dreams, good. If you don't, it's also good. All you have to do is to know what you want to do next - you wanted to write this article you were thinking about some time? Good, you have something to do and so satisfy your needs these days. You wanted to continue writing your story, good again. You can devote your time to it. Cook some specific meal or declutter, whatever is coming on your mind. Whatever your soul wishes to do, incline to it, give it a try, space, supply whatever this activity and you need...

Make things easier

Or don't think about them so much. Especially in a negative way. Than you naturally don't see them as difficult. Yes, make things easier when you get the exact idea of simplifying them. Whatever is making your head heavy try to think about how would you make the thing easier to ease your life.
You can simplify things that are weighting you, consuming too much time/space in your life.
Choose the easier way of doing a thing if it's better for your health (mental and physical as well).
Do less but less of finer quality.


What is the thing you have to summarize? It is good to summarize your dreams, goals, fears, worries, what you are the most grateful for in your life or what you have learnt past two months, years, past some time. You can summarize literally everything and get the wanted and needed objectivity, distance from your life and "problems". You can than better solve your issues and many of other things.

Wish & Plan

I have almost nothing to add to this caption. Don't be scared to wish for something different, huge, more. And don't hesitate to go after it. You deserve it. You deserve much more than you think. Just trust your guts, feelings, heart and timing. Know you're capable no matter what you or your surrounding thinks.

Journal, Self-reflection

When there's something you are not completely satisfied with in your life, change it. How can you change that? This is the question you should ask yourself and do particular steps to make the change happen.
Always do this to prevent yourself from suffer.
You should enjoy life. Don't suffer or survive it. You deserve better, darling, and you are capable of better.
Get out the feeling you have. Don't cage it inside. Talk more about it - about your problems, happiness appearing in your life, the worthy persons around you (worthy of your worry or affection or more of the other), talk about whatever you want and need.

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Make a Scheme

This is not actually a necessary point in living your life happily. But once you know yourself enough this will be part of you despite what you want and think. When you know yourself, you also know your needs and you adjust your daily activities to it. Like when you don't like stereotypes you always find something new in your day to do. When you love traveling with your mind to another destinations and worlds you find time for reading or writing stories once in a while. These all are schemes we use to simplify and enrich our lives.

The Art of Letting Go

This topic I have actually portrayed better in my previous( variation of this) article. So I will just repeat myself.
When you feel unease, you have to realize and accept that you are not in a dream situation anymore. Things come and go. And so our comfort we used to be familiar with. It is already gone so what could we do with that?
Yes, we can get over it and accept there's no chance to have it back at the moment. So we should fight the situations without our comfort that represents people we had, feelings we felt, things we used to have at hand, appearance we used to show to the world...
We can handle our life without it.

Do Your Things in an Instant

It's not about doing things right away but about reducing your stress/anxiety rising from having too many duties on your plate. When you do your things continuously you don't feel like you're doing a big deal or you don't feel overwhelmed and stressed. It's so simple and yet so hardcore for someone. We should teach this our own selves from really young age to have no difficulty with that and with more issues based on the same principle. So teach your children to do their things right now. Not in an hour. Not tomorrow. Now.

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What else would I add to these series of lady boss advices?
Don't be so hard on yourself. And don't let others to be hard on you either. You will rise. You will bloom. You will change. There's no need for you or anyone to fasten that or so destroy your progress. You do your best. You give your best to others. So it's your duty to protect your core from harm when others are not understanding enough. You should be proud of you. You walked so much of the way here. I'm really proud of you. 💞

Lots of Love,

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