My Name:

Tanasha Watson

My Race:

tattoo and design image roman, Relationship, and starcrossed image

My Appearance:

Lots of Atrian markings, red hair, blue eyes, and a curvy body.
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Using freckles as a reference to Atrian markings.


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She is strong and independent; she does everything she can for my brothers and me!
Twin Brothers
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They are hyper and crazy, but I love them and want a life for them outside of the Sector.


Image by •Adorable Princess• swimming and water image
I love swimming makes me feel like I'm back home in Atria.
Observing and learning about people.
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I enjoy learning about humans and how they differ from us Atrians.
Sneaking out of the Sector
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I like to sneak out to see the world I'm now a part of and see how people act. I don't tell anyone I sneak out!


Julia, Sophia, Drake, and Lexa ( My OC )
malese jow image sophia, star crossed, and the cw image Drake, star crossed, and greg finley image model and flammedepigalle image
Julia top left, Sophia top right, Drake bottom left, Lexa bottom right. -- Julia, Lexa, and I became friends when I started to attend human school. They are my best friends; I would do anything for them. -- Drake and Sophia I have known since forever Drake is like my big brother he's always there for me and always protecting me.

Love interests:

starcrossed and matt lanter image book, diary, and journal image
I have liked Roman since we were kids. Our parents are friends, and we have always gotten along.
Asher OC (Human)
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Met Asher in school; he stood up for me when some people were rude about me being atrian.

How would my story end?

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So much is still unknown but here's a glimpse.

I Hope you enjoyed I know I did. :)
Sorry for any spelling mistakes or grammer mistakes.