Hello readers, it has been a long time. I announced a little while back that I'd no longer be doing articles here and that if you wanted to see articles you'd have to go to my website: fearlessfreesoul.com

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Here's the announcement. Please read.

Now here I am again! I've been writing lots and even making tons of videos that I've uploaded on my website. So check it out! After recently seeing my articles getting hearted again and the amount of people I was able to reach through them I've decided to give it another go. I don't even really know if these articles will go out or not but I trust the Universe. Still, more articles will be on my website: fearlessfreesoul.com so go there for more.

Anyways, today's topic is: Being Fearless. Fearless is a choice, a lifestyle and a commitment. It is not a one time thing here and there. You choose to be fearless. You'll have this moment in your life where you'll decide, "You know what, I am done letting fear control my life. I am fearless and I am living my life fearlessly." Not exactly like that, but you get what I mean.

That little voice in the back of your head will always be there. And that is ok for without that little voice you wouldn't grow, you wouldn't know what freedom feels like and being fearless wouldn't feel so good. It is those days when that little voice tries to get you and tries to bring you down but you just don't even give it attention. You block it out, you don't even notice it and even if you do you know it is nonsense and you let it go. That takes courage and that is the definition of being fearless.

That saying, "I am out of my mind," is actually so good. When you are fearless you are out of your little mind. So, I encourage you to get out of your mind for that is when you'll see your true power, how strong your heart is, how much the Universe supports you, the depth of your soul and your instinctual and always right intuition that is felt deep in your being.

Listen to your voice; your soul. When you're fearless love drives you, you thrive in pressure scenarios because you know you can do anything if you set your mind to it and everything flows so easily. Your life will be in perfect balance and things will fall into place.

That's it for today. I hope this helps you on your journey. Being fearless is so freeing and the best decision you can make. I encourage you to get out of your mind and step into your power and strength. Be fearless and free - ACE