First song you heard:

justin bieber and halsey image aesthetic, quotation, and saying image
It was actually her collab with Justin Bieber: The Feeling.

Favorite album:

archive, pink, and theme image pink, aesthetic, and music image

Favorite music video:

badlands, colors, and music video image halsey, colors, and Lyrics image

Favorite song from Room 93:

quotes, Lyrics, and music image Image by ˗ˏˋauroraˎˊ˗
Empty Gold.

Favorite song from Badlands:

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Favorite song from Hopeless Fountain Kingdom:

aesthetic, red, and trust issues image album, hopeless, and red image

Favorite song from Manic:

halsey, album, and manic image quotes, song, and halsey image
I Hate Everybody.

Song you wish was a single:

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3 am.

Most underrated song:

beauty, black, and music image quotes, halsey, and drive image

Most overrated song:

lyric, song, and music image closer, halsey, and the chainsmokers image
Her collab with The Chainsmokers: Closer.

Best featured song:

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I really like Lie (feat. Quavo).

My top 10 songs:

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1. Hurricane
2. I Hate Everybody
3. Drive
4. Sorry
5. 3 am
6. Control
7. Castle
8. Walls Could Talk
9. Without Me
10. Devil in Me