Hi,hello!This is my new playlist and also some recommendations!Hope you like it!

  • kingdom come-red velvet
  • wow-stray kids
  • redesign-awfultune
game, purple, and aesthetic image
  • save you-rum.gold
  • blueberry eyes-suga,max
  • playground love-josef salvat
city, purple, and sky image
  • midnight train-se so neon
  • wish-gaho
  • the good side-troye sivan
blue, bowling, and bright image
  • buzzcut season-lorde
  • strangers-taemin
  • no manners-super m


sky, pink, and city image
a book:Les Misérables-Victor Hugo
screencaps, netflix, and unorthodox image
a show: unorthodox
boyfriend, park bo gum, and drama image
a k-drama: encounter
aesthetic, alternative, and celebrities image joy, kpop, and red velvet image
artists: lorde and red velvet