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letting you go isn´t easy - it hurts. perhaps it makes it easier not to see you as much as we used to but still it´s hard. you were right, we knew it from the beginning on that we were going to have the summer and nothing more. a summerromance how you´re mum briefly described us. I had my doubts with you tough everything was clear in your perspective I just couldn´t see it. I made drama out of nowhere, drama that you weren´t aware of because I was only being silly. when I was with you nothing counted anymore. my sorrows were gone. I was happy and calmer. you calmed me down by being there with me. you made me happy by telling me your stories. tears turned into laughter, dark thoughts into joyful ones. I can´t loose you even tough I have to go. time is tearing us apart.oh how I wish we had more.