Fall is my favorite season of the year! So here's my secret little bucket list.

Cookies, food, and autumn image
Bake apple pie, cinnamon rolls and your favorite candies.
autumn, fall, and book image
Light some candles.
alternative, fall, and wool image
Crochet a cozy pullover, cardigan, beanie or blanket for your sofa.
art, autumn, and book image aesthetic, autumn, and book image
Read a romantic novel and reread your favorite book.
pumpkin, Halloween, and autumn image
Get a pumpkin and make something of it.
alternative, black, and dark image aesthetic, autumn, and goul image
Get up and out for Halloween.
moon, night, and autumn image
Photograph nature.
fire, marshmallow, and friends image
Eat marshmallows at a fireplace.
aesthetic, autumn, and beautiful image
Go for a long walk at a chilly day.

It's the season of change. To clear our thoughts and listen to our hearts. Enjoy Fall!