Hi, its been a long time since I dont write an article and today I wanted to be part of this tag, so here we go!

inspired by:

1. first song you heard

pink, quote, and champagne image ariana grande and arianagrande image cat, hair, and grande image ariana grande and pink champagne image
Pink Champagne, Honeymoon Ave, Rolling in the deep cover, Emotions cover, If I aint got you cover...

2. favorite era

fashion, lifesaver, and thank u next image bling, my everything, and sweetener image ari, dangerous woman, and honeymoon tour image flowers, singer, and ariana grande image
all of them

3. favorite album

ariana grande, wallpaper, and background image ariana grande image tun and ariana grande image aesthetic, Lyrics, and pink image
all of them

4. least favorite album

ariana grande and my everything album image album, bangkok, and deluxe image album, home, and Lyrics image Lyrics, pink, and problem image
my everything

5. most underrated song

artist, mix, and monotone image ariana grande, angels, and devils image quotes image floral, Lyrics, and wallpaper image
why try

6. most overrated song

focus, Queen, and ariana image focus, openrp, and thank u next image focus, twitter, and 2015 image Image by ✨8Makes1Team✨

7. best feature song

ariana grande, troye sivan, and dance to this image troye sivan, ariana grande, and dance to this image ari, ariana grande, and mac miller image 2016, ariana grande, and mac miller image
Dance to this - Troye Sivan & Favorite part - Mac Miller

8. favorite music video

Image by ɾαզմεʆ εςɕσɓεδσ Image by ✨8Makes1Team✨ ariana grande image Image by ✨8Makes1Team✨
Into you

9. favorite song from yours truly

yours truly, ariana grande, and daydreamin image piano, the way, and mac miller image daydreaming, Lyrics, and mood image acoustic, ariana grande, and arianators image

10. favorite song from my everything

gif, my everything, and intro image gif, gifs, and lyric image intro, be my baby, and ariana grande image background, edit, and Lyrics image

11. favorite song from dangerous woman

ariana grande, dangerous woman tour, and dangerous woman image crush, lovely, and Lyrics image dark, quote, and dangerous woman image Lyrics, wallpaper, and thinking bout you image
thinking bout you

12. favorite song from sweetener

arianagrande image ari, ariana grande, and pete davidson image Lyrics, successful, and wallpapers image pink, heart, and aesthetic image
successful, rem, god is a woman, pete davidson

13. favorite song from thank u next

aesthetics, purple, and morose image ariana grande, nasa, and ariana image aesthetic, girl, and make up image ariana grande and thank u next image
needy, nasa, make up, thank u next

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