Heyy everyone!!
I want to update and add some new titles to my last list of my favourite TV series:

9. Get Even - 1 season (2020 -)

series, get even, and netflix image series, netflix, and get even image
Four students from a private school join forces to administer justice and expose abuses.

8. Outer Banks - 1 season (2020 -)
*officially: it will be next season

aesthetic, surf, and outer banks image outer banks, jarah, and chase stokes image
A group of teenagers reveal a long-hidden secret by triggering a chain of events that will make them experience an unforgettable adventure.

7. Ragnarok - 1 season (2020 -)
*officially: it will be next season

ragnarok, netflix, and herman tommeraas image ragnarok and netflix image
Adolescent Edda residents must stand up to the drastic climate change that heralds the end of the world.

6. Baby - 3 seasons (2018 -2020)

baby, ludo, and chiara image ethereal, girls women, and fashion style outfit image
A group of Roman teenagers reject social norms, seeking their own identity and independence.

5. I Am Not Okay With This - 1 season (2020 -)

Image by jimena it, wyatt oleff, and stan uris image
Teen tries to cope with problems at school and at home while discovering her sexuality and new superpowers.

4. Never Have I Ever - 1 season (2020 -)
*officially: it will be next season

never have i ever, ramona young, and maitreyi ramakrishnan image Image by Bettina Zsófia Rácz
Mindy Kaling presents a comedy series inspired by her own youth about the growing up of a girl from India who was born American.

3. Trinkets - 2 seasons (2019 - 2020)

trinkets and netflix image trinkets and netflix image
Three teenagers from different walks of life become friends because of a common hobby - shoplifting.

2. Dare Me - 1 season (2019 -)

Image by DC0 bored, home, and series image
Mystery, drama and danger shake up the school's cheerleading squad, led by confident Beth, when a new trainer arrives in town.

1. Euphoria - 1 season (2019 -)

euphoria, zendaya, and sydney sweeney image euphoria, poster, and zendaya image
A teenage drug addict's life changes when she meets a transsexual girl who has come to town.