Are you a woman who emphasizes a life of passion, expressed through personal style? Are you also concerned about the environmental impact of the products you use? Then Juco bags could be your new style statement as its qualities make it a strong proponent for “Eco-Fashion”.

What is Juco?

It is a versatile fabric material derived from a fine blend of both jute and cotton. It contains 75% jute and 25% cotton and most of the beneficial properties of both jute and cotton.

Cotton has a fine woven texture. It is malleable too. On the other hand, jute is a highly strong natural fibre with longer life-span. Hence, Juco is a long-lasting sturdy material with fineness and malleability. Jute is also UV resistant.
Why juco is used in fashion products?
Juco is an amazing material. It can hold dyes and the colours yet do not fade like cotton. It can withstand treatment and does not crack like leather. It can also hold embroideries, enmeshment, detailed prints etc. and yet does not look like jute gunny bags. While carrying one you can feel comfortable, smooth and soft as also fashionable.

Because of its versatility, this ecological alternative fabric to cotton and jute is fast becoming a favourite choice of materials to designers who prefer it for designer bags and other lifestyle products. From casual collections of juco totes to beach bags, knapsacks to duffle bags, every type is now available in stores and online.

Use of pure juco can exemplify a bohemian, shabby chic style of your product. It is ideal for a conference bag or elegant shopper. You may also find juco blended with other materials like leather to make backpacks that not only look classy but also functional.

Why Juco is considered as a proponent of “Eco-fashion”?

Single-use plastic bags have become a threat to the environment leading to ban of such materials in several countries. People all over the world are looking for eco-friendly alternatives of plastic bags that are both sturdy, re-usable and fashionable. Hence, a whole host of eco-friendly bagging materials have experienced a surge in popularity. And this is where juco has emerged as a whole new contender because of its usefulness. Drench it in rain, scorch it in the sun, smother it in the sand, yet it will look new and usable even after a few washes.


Juco is redefining the contemporary fashion by checking all three components of bio-degradable, environment-friendly, reusable from production to usage, reusable and disposal.

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