So for the beginning I would like to start with an article about my morning routine.
I chose this subject because I think everyone describes an ideal morning routine but I believe things are a little different than this.
Lets be Realistic!

This period I got a new job witch is 30 minutes driving from home, so I wake up a little earlier than I usually did.
I wake up at 6.30 (god damn!) am and I feel its the most difficult thing in my hole life, but, I easily got used to it.

I usually drink a cup of tea (chamomile) and eat cereal for breakfast while I check my notifications on instagram and emails💌
I also check what time my boyfriend fell asleep last night (so I can be sure he is loyal)😒👀

Washing my face and brushing my teeth slowly while thinking:
why am I doing this? Am I sure I want to work my hole life and build a carier? and other stuff like this.
After this despressing outburst (just exaggerating) I feel ready to make the best of the day.
I clean my face with apivita soap, it is a plant type of product, I bought it a period in my life I tried to use more this kind of staff, Not sure if I really managed with it.
Nivea face cream and lip balm before make up.
Specifically I olny put a little mascara, I work as a secretary so I try to look natural.

After all this staff I get my love🐶 out for a dog walk, this is the time of my morning routine that makes me feel positive emotions.❤️
I try to combine it with a little jogging but, to be honest, I rarely do it.

These ten minutes I drink the rest of my tea , get dressed for work and say goodmorning to my boyfriend💑

Hope you liked it, sorry for my way of writting, I try my best💕