What the heck is an Academia Core?
That's a lecit question and this article will give you all the answers you're looking for!

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We'll start saying that an aesthetic isn't just fashion!
It usually involves a particular life style or taste that ends up to be commonly shared among people who recognize themself into that particular aesthetic.
The "Academia Core Style" is a big family of aesthetic composed by different kinds of styles:

  • Dark Academia
  • Light Academia
  • Romantic Academia
  • Pastel Academia
  • Fairy Academia
  • Witchy Academia
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Which are all related to the general "1940's prep school lifestyle" that become popular around the 2010's.

To know more about it you could whatch movies such as Dead Poets Society, Kill Your Darlings or The Secret History.

In this Core, the main character is the Classical Culture: poetry, litterature, music, art, etc., etc.
Despite its Eurocentric Appearence, you can easily add part of your culture keeping this vibe by following the colors palette.

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When it comes to the Dark Academia Core, you don't have to think about something negative!
Actually the key motifs of this Core are: books, history, mystery and old buildings; what might bring to think about it with a negative accent is its key values which are existentialism and wisdom.
They are not bad, but they're misunderstood.

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Coming to fashion, the Dark Academia Core has lots of basic items and classical vibes.
Most used colors are:

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black, brown, ivory, dark green, burgundy, soft yellow and cream

Outfits are generally composed with dress pants, ankle pants, high-rise pants, plaid skirts, linen shorts for bottoms and turtleneck, oxford shirts, sweater vests, light blouses, cable knit jumpers as tops.
The most common outwear are cardigans, blazers, trench coats and suit jackets.

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Talking about fashion, we can't avoid to talk about shoes and for this aesthetic core the main characters are oxford, dr.martens and mary janes.
Least but not last, to complete your outfit you can use simple jewelry pieces in gold or silver color, wire-frame glasses, knee-high socks and leather bags.

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For this article it's all! Anyway if you wanna know more about this aesthetic you can find other info searching for "Dark Academia" at aesthetics.fandom.com.
So, are you part of the Dark Academia?
Hoping I could help you a little bit, I'm leaving you all to your books.
Always remember you're beautiful and worthy!
See you in the next article!
I purple you.