star wars the clone wars original character

Name Okstana Shan Targaryen
Nicknames/alias Ozzy, Oz, child of Revan
Home world Deralia
Born 3969 BBY
Death (Believed to have died 3947 BBY) Still alive
Species Human
Gender Female
Sexuality Bisexual

what she looks like
girl and hair image beautiful, beauty, and sexy image beautiful, beauty, and flawless image Image by chloe
what she is like
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what she wears
Image by ♡Emmy♡ skirt, fausto puglisi, and skirt in patterns image fashion image girl, style, and aesthetic image beauty, body, and clothes image dress, fashion, and runway image
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combat attire
her story
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the daughter of Darth Revan and Bastila Shan she was raised on Deralia by her parents. she showed her force abilities when she was 6 and became her parents padawn at 8.

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she fought along side them at age 13 having studied the light and dark side of the force under her parents tutelage.

blue, ice, and cold image blue, ice, and white image

at age 19 she was in a duel on an ice planet with a sith lord, she was pushed into the water and thought to be dead.

Image by ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 'indie', 'tumblr', and 'grunge' image

she remained frozen for 3000 years until Obi Wan Kenobi, Anakin Skywalker and Ahsoka Tano crashed on top of her freeing her from her hibernation.

star, toys, and wars image jedi, obi wan kenobi, and Skywalker image

now works for the republic as a general along side jedi master plo koon. she has an apartment on courasaunt where she lives.

what she can do
fantasy, power, and lightning image gif, ateş, and yangın image aesthetic image mind and quotes image
force abilities: telekinesis, lighting manipulation and generation, electrical manipulation, mind control and mind read
handsome, adam driver, and kylo ren image lightsaber image star wars and lightsaber image star wars and lightsaber image
expert swords woman: duel lightsaber, one red and one blue (she was found with her lightsabers as she fell with them)
her relationship with others
classycgal image fandom, clone troopers, and gif image
love interest | commander wolffe: the two disagree constantly and are often at each others throats but despite this they have grown close, slow burn relationship
star wars, clone wars, and ahsoka tano image clones, force, and jedi image
best friend | ahsoka tano: took care of her when she was suspected of murder
Anakin Skywalker, dark, and jedi image Anakin Skywalker, jedi, and star wars image
best friend | anakin skywalker: helped guide him away from the dark side
jedi, star wars, and obi-wan kenobi image obi-wan, star wars, and kenobi image
friend | obi wan kenobi: helped her decide wherever or not to stay at the temple
star wars, ahsoka tano, and togruta image jedi, obi wan kenobi, and Skywalker image
mentor | plo koon: helped okstana adjust to her new life, close, he supports her and wolffe relationship