adventure, autumn, and pumpkin image
Go to a Pumpkin Patch
dog, autumn, and fall image
Jump in a pile of leaves
apple, autumn, and fall image
Go pick apples
autumn, fall, and pumpkin image
Go on a hayride
autumn, fall, and leaves image
Attend a fall festival
moon, sky, and stars image
Bundle up and gaze at the stars
autumn, corn maze, and fall image
Get lost in a corn maze
apples, background, and carmel image
Eat a caramel apple
gold, Halloween, and home image
Paint a pumpkin
aesthetic, fall, and festive image
Carve a pumpkin
fall crafts image
Make a fall craft
autumn, coffee, and fall image
Drink pumpkin spice EVERYTHING
candy, costumes, and family image
Dress up for Halloween
candy, food, and airheads image
Hand out candy on Halloween
Halloween, disney, and cartoon image
Go trick-or-treating
background, cold, and fall image
Pick out a medium-sized round pumpkin
campfire, cozy, and fire image
Go camping, have a bonfire and make smores
donuts, food, and autumn image
Eat a cider donut
autumn, equinox, and pagan image
Drink apple cider
adventure, autumn, and beautiful image
Go to a very small town
family photo ideas, fall family photo ideas, and fall photo ideas image
Take a fall family picture
Halloween, pumpkin, and autumn image
Take a lot of fall pictures with best friends
breakfast time, eat a meal, and pumpkin pancakes recipe image
Make pumpkin pancakes
chocolate, chocolate chip cookies, and Cookies image
Make pumpkin chocolate chip cookies
roasted pumpkin seeds image
Roast pumpkin seeds
autumn, pie, and fall image
Bake an apple pie
autumn, fall, and candle image
Buy fall scented candles, lotion, perfume, etc.
decor, fall, and pumpkin image
Buy decorative fall pillows
autumn, friends, and fall image
Throw a party
Halloween, pumpkin, and autumn image
Dress up a pet for Halloween
death, safety, and scream image
Watch a scary movie
Dead Flowers, haunted house, and dark image
Visit a haunted house
autumn, pumpkin, and white image
Watch fall movies
black and white, diner, and joining image
Celebrate thanksgiving
pumpkin, food, and autumn image
Bake Halloween desserts
cemetaries, church, and dark image
Visit a cemetery at night and get spooked
autumn, fall, and family image
Do Friendsgiving
Create a fall playlist
candy, Halloween, and candy corn image
Eat lots of Halloween candy
autumn, book, and fall image
Spend a day reading a book
thanksgiving day, macys day parade, and thanksgiving day parade image
Watch Macyโ€™s Thanksgiving parade
autumn, cozy, and decoration image
Light the fireplace
puzzle image
Start a huge fall puzzle
aesthetic, fall, and glcwy image
Make a fall face mask
anna, disney, and autumn image
Random act of kindness
discover, dreams, and explore image
Wear/ Buy multiple fall outfits
Halloween, halloween aesthetic, and spooky season image
Make a fall collages
spaghetti squash image
Make butternut squash spaghetti (it's surprisingly good)
fly, kites, and indonesia image
Fly a kite
autumn, fall, and fashion image
Have a picnic
farm, fashion, and September image
Visit a sunflower farm
autumn, fall, and pumpkin image
Wear cozy autumn/Halloween fuzzy socks
cozy, fall, and fuzzy blankets image
Get fuzzy blankets