- Of all the seasons that exist, my favorite is the one that lasts the shortest.

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Serbia, Novi Sad

- Don't they say everything that is beautiful lasts for a short time?
- So does Autumn.

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New York City has that special aura during the fall season, especially Central Park

- There is something about it. Its scents, colors, the way people dress, motivation, inspiration and the new beginning of everything.

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- In the fall, people get creative. There are many ways you can express your creativity. In painting, making pumpkins for Halloween, baking pie, decorating the house, clothing inspirational combinations & new business ideas.

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- Don't forget that fashion is most interesting in autumn because people get creative in devising clothing combinations.

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Autumn shows who really has sense of style

- Each season has its own charm. And so, in addition to my favorite season- summer in my teenage days, I fell in love with autumn.

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- As every year is different feeling, I still remember my favorite autumn. Where the falling in love begins...

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With Love, Sara