You might have stumbled into "aesthetic" pages or articles or pictures more than once and probably you have thought:

aesthetic, glitter, and beach image beautiful girl, dress, and girl image tea, flowers, and aesthetic image dior, aesthetic, and makeup image
Gosh, this is amazing! I wanna do it too!
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But you still haven't find your personal aesthetic or you have no idea of where you should start.
Probably you didn't find an aesthetic that really suited you, or maybe you were afraid you had to buy all over again your entire wardarobe.

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There is no need to panic!
In this collection you will find all you need to know on how to create your personal and unique aesthetic step by step!
All you have to do is relaxing with a cup of coffee and follow me on the dark side!

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Finding your own aesthetic sometimes might be quite difficult: even though there's a big amount of different aesthetic, we're all humans and we're not supposed to always fit in a box!
You shouldn't worry about not having found your spot yet, everybody needs their time and sometimes all we need to understand is that we're not made of one element.
In fact, your style might be the mix of different aesthetic such as happened to me! Before descovering it, I believed I could never create an "aesthetic vibe" wardarobe and I almost dropped the idea.

v, rm, and min yoongi image

Thankfully, I understood that all I needed to do was descovering what style rapresented me the most and how wearing it made me feel.

RULE N. 1: Feel comfortable and happy in your outfit! It doesen't matter who you are or what people say, you must be happy with what you see in the mirror! Nothing else matter.

You can easly understand your style taking a look to the kind of clothes you have in your wardarobe, all you have to do is note it somewhere for not losing it.

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Find info about the different kids of aesthetics.
For this step I personally found terribly helpful:

  • ( where you may found a big amount of articles about various aesthetic)
  • instagram (which could never be missing. Let's be honest: you can find almost everything there!)
  • pintrest
  • we heart it (OF COURSE!)
  • and least but not last, my collection: here you will find an article for each aesthetic I will be capable of writing, images for not missing the colors palette and ideas of outfit you could wear everyday!


Choose the ones you feel more close to and note their peculiarities!

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For today I have nothing else to say because I need to sleep!
I hope to see you all in my next article!
Always remember your beautiful and worthy!
I purple you!

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