here are some movies and animes for halloween that aren't too scary! :D

tim burton, movie, and corpse bride image dark and fog image
corpse bride
wallpaper, yakusoku no neverland, and the promised neverland image demon slayer and red lily spider image
the promised neverland
sleepy hollow image castle, dark, and black and white image
sleepy hollow
Image by call me mabel dark, autumn, and fall image
death note and ryuk image grunge, aesthetic, and alternative image
death note
black and white, castle, and dark image 1992, johnny depp, and movie image
edward scissorhand
harry potter image aesthetic, autumn, and cozy image
harry potter (not a halloween movie but gets you in the autumn spirits)
black and white, dark, and grunge image Image by hecate
the nightmare before christmas
Dream, foggy, and nature image quote, black and white, and forget image
a tale of two sisters (okay this is actually really fucking scary, but its so good)
90s, shrek, and animation image dark, fog, and black and white image
scared shrekless (there isnt a halloween without shrek am i right lads)

yep thats it. lets ignore that like half of these are tim burton movies