Good Afternoon Hearters,
I know with this crazy virus and in the midst of it all other personal stuff that you may be going through It may seem that it will never end. I have been feeling this way very often I have also been as you may say deep thinking like how life is too short and to make the most out of it. I have not been writing often like I wanted to because I was in a dark place these past few months I was having thoughts like "what is my worth in this world?' and It got to the point where I had thoughts like "My parents would be better off without me and that I would be a one less burden to this world." And when I was feeling this all time low I had brought a frame with a meaningful quote and it says " Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destination" and I would look at it all the time and smile through the tears and I still look at it. And not only that I want to do something else and my parents just want me to do hair since I went to beauty school and I told them I wanted to do another career and when I told them that it was in the entertainment industry they would just give me the look of hurt. I just was so confused. But I realized the more they talked about me doing just hair the more I realized I wanted my choice of career. Because whenever they talked about me doing just hair I could feel my heart just sink and break because I wanted my career that I have always wanted I mean I know that my parents love me very much and I love them as well and its really hard cause you want them to be proud of you . And you do everything to make them proud but their is just this feeling like something is missing and this feeling of regret and then you start thinking the what ifs and if it is too late. What I am trying to say is make your dreams come true and never regret what if I made a mistake cause the moment your parents see you happy and living your dreams they will happy and proud and their heart will be full. And yes life will throw punches but know that "This too shall pass" And my parents are slowly coming to terms with it but still are not fully there yet. But Never give up on your dreams no matter how big or small your dreams are and never let people tell you that you'll never make it hold your head high and be strong and have faith because if no one will support you its you and yourself together.