Hey everyone!! I choose some of my favorite quotes, that make me feel better on my bad days, and I hope they make you feel motivated and better too!

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Just enjoy the moment, someday you'll look back and wish you could live it again
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Be you, do whatever you want and don't be afraid of what people will think, because there'll always be someone who's gonna hate on what you say or do. I'm also someone who constatly cares for other's opinions, but i'm working on that
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You'll have bad days, everyone has them, and all you can do is try your best to get through the day. You will always have tomorrow to try again, and that's okay!
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When suddenly things change and you get hurt, sometimes it´s to make you stronger, for your growth, it's for your well being. No matter how bad the situation is, i'm sure you'll overcome it, you just need time
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A few years ago, I went through an emotional hell and chose to get through it alone. I didn't talk to anyone about it, because I thought no one would understand me so I suffered alone and hid my suffering so as not to worry my family and friends. I just want anyone who is struggling in any way right now, please talk to someone, I'm sure they will listen and support you
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I never thought that I would find my soulmate, because it only happens in movies, and my life was never a rom-com movie. Luckily i've found "the one" and i'm trully happy. If you are still waiting for "the one", I'm sure he/she will eventually get his/her way to you
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There's no such thing as a "perfect girl". A real girl has flaws, a real girl doesn't have the perfect body and you just have to accept that real girls aren't perfect
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I still remember of those days, when I couldn't stop thinking if I would find love, if one day I would be able to overcome my problems, if one day I could find a good place mentally. And now that i'm where i've always wanted, i'm more happy than ever. I hope that you, that are praying for someting to happen in your life, just wait, because someday everyting will fall into place
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Everyone has been through a lot this year. If you lost someone, i'm so sorry. If you lost your job, i'm so sorry and I hope you get a new one. If you've been infected, I hope you get better and stay safe. If you're away from your family and friends, I'm sorry and I understand because i'm also away from the ones that I love. One day everyting will get better

I hope you enjoyed it and feel a bit better now. If you want more motivational quotes, follow my collection!