Showing off maybe a bad thing but actually, in our generation where social media is popular and many people use it, it has become a necessity to show off almost everything you have. Many people use social media to tell other people that they have this thing or they went to this place, it is like social media has become a public diary for everyone to see. It is ironic since diaries are supposed to be in private but with social media, you make it public. Relationships now also need to be shown off because if you don’t, many people would make rumors about how you are not proud of it. There are many reasons why you should show off your partner and I will be disclosing some of it here.

To make your relationship official to everyone
Showing off your relationship means that it is now official that you and your partner are together. The people who knew about it will become your witnesses that you are already together. Doing this will make your relationship easy because everyone knows that you are together. Also, you and your partner will have a healthy relationship because no one will be messing with it. Social media is such a powerful thing so whatever you post in there, it will either make or break you.

To show that you are proud of your relationship
When we say showing off, it doesn’t always mean that you are proud of it, sometimes it could mean that you are bragging about it to everyone. However, in this case, when you show off your relationship in social media, you are actually showing that you are proud that you are in a relationship with someone who loves you so much and is good to you and because of this, your relationship will be strong. It will be accompanied by the praises and good opinions of people and you will have full support of the people who knew about your relationship.

To make your relationship exclusive
Before your relationship, you may have been hooking up with some other people that’s why showing off your relationship in social media might clear things off. You see, when you keep your relationship in private, people might assume that you are single and they would flirt with you which will cause huge problems in your relationship. So to avoid this and to avoid those people in your past from assuming that you are still single, show off your relationship.

To be free of any secrets and doubts
We all have secrets that only we know and those secrets were never shared to other people no matter how close or intimate we are. But when you are showing off your relationship, you are actually making sure that you are an open book and that you have no secrets that you are hiding from your partner. This will actually be better for your relationship because you will get rid of all the doubts that might be clouding your minds and this will make your relationship healthy.