hey loves! it's been a while since i published my last article. i've been through a lot lately and i need to express myself with you guys. so i decided to make you a little playlist, hope you'll enjoy it. love, Flora.


Inspiring Image on We Heart It sea, black and white, and ocean image
i want you around~snoh aalegra
travel, beach, and flowers image aesthetic, blonde, and dress image
lay all your love on me~amanda seyfried, dominic cooper
sunset, orange, and palm trees image love, kiss, and quotes image
shameless~camila cabello
aesthetic, collection, and girl image love, red, and aesthetic image
swim~chase atlantic
art, girl, and mermaid image 2020, girls, and tumblr outfit ideas image
pacify her~melanie martinez
aesthetic, neon, and Playboy image flowers, rainbow, and aesthetic image
safe and sound~capital cities
lips, glitter, and pink image dress, pink, and fashion image
flashing lights~kanye west, dwele
chandelier, luxury, and gold image fashion, dress, and model image
suit & tie~justin timberlake, jay-z
blue, nails, and acrylics image girl, ocean, and summer image
no role modelz~j.cole
space and mo'athe qadroh tawaha image space, dark, and aesthetic image
S.T.A.Y~Hans Zimmer

take care <3