-Akriti Goel
Desire// Temptation// Longing/ / Lust// Craving// Urge// Yearn// Passion//

‘Desire’, Oh! A magnificent bewitchment. Don’t you feel the allure of mystery when you read it?
I hail Satan, for he had powers of the supreme, for he was able to draw out people to seize their heart’s deepest darkest desires.
Why it is of importance you’ll ask?
Desires reveal intentions, and intentions educates you about the character of a person. To know a person’s intent is to know the enigma of his mind and the grievance of his heart.

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In politics, give it to people and see how the whole demographics change. To know with conviction if your leader desires power or welfare, isn’t that something that changes the world?
Well this is the potential of desire when put to an extrinsic view, I am here to discuss about the its domestic mechanism.

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I speak for those who have never been desired, for those who feel they have never been seen or looked twice at; for those who toiled the nights questioning their mind, for those who have wondered how it feels like to be wanted by someone. For those who are yet to be desired by someone. For those who ponder on how it feels to have someone come to you and say; Gosh you are breathtakingly beautiful.

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I’ll be honest, Taste of desire enhance your emotions, it can make you visualise the world beneath your feet. Suddenly, you’ll be able to conquer self-deprecation. Desire make people weak in their knees, it turns kings into slaves, and slaves into aspiring ambitious workers who overthrow the reign one day. Desire is of your mind, ignited by your emotions, a fuel to your intentions and a flame to your noradrenaline hormone (The one which makes excitement reach climax.) Isn’t it soothing to be desired by someone? It gives you comfort, self-appreciation and sense of esteem.
The longer the exposure, and you’d misinterpret desire for love.
Can you fathom the fact that Love is a synonym for Desire? Can you comprehend that ‘To desire is to love’? or ‘To love is to desire’?

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Following is the account of my perception.
It is necessary to understand desire, for it is not love.
Face inspires Desire. You’ll be desired by many. Desire is powerful, attractive, passionate and tempting. It’s a driving force. It’s lust. Your appeal initiates the seductiveness of desire. You’re a bait and I am enticed to this ambush. Your beauty pulls me closer. It becomes undisputable that I want you. Inarguably, you become the ground and I become the feather falling towards you, this desire is alternating gravity. I want you, you’re a quest and Oh I love myself a riddle. I want to conquer you. The desire is to WANT you. To be able to call you mine. Desire is Obsession, It’s intoxication, It’s a high. Desire inspires vulgarity. Desires are the secrets of the night.

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Love? Soul inspires love. Love is rare. To be loved is extraordinary. Love is fondness. It’s magic, It’s healing. It’s not about conquering but to value, to respect, to understand to accept. Love is caressing your beloved in the afternoon, Love is to be at peace. When I tell you I love you, I love YOU. I love you with all your baggage, all your secrets and all your desires. As John Watson said to his wife Mary – “The problems of your past are your business, the problems of your future are my privilege”. I won't be obsessed with you, I'll be in awe of you. I don’t love you in spite of your flaws, I love you because of them. To love is to open up your heart, to love is to be vulnerable, to love is to being your purest self. To ensure the purity of heart and purity of intentions. To love is to being not able to lie. To love is difficult. To love with each and every rhythm of your heart, to worship it – for you have been so lucky as to be able to meet the one. To love is to dream, to taste freedom, to seek happiness for your beloved, it is not acquiring, it is not meant to seek materialist gains.

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Love ignites desire, ensures it. A person will always desire the one he will love. You’ll be his religion. Love promotes stability, Desire promotes insanity. To be desired is beautiful, To be loved is magical. Desire is your vice, it is physical, it’s temporal. Love is divine, it is spiritual, it’s permanent. Desire can make you unfaithful, love teaches you nobility.

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Personally, I have never understood charisma. I understand kindness, loyalty, empathy, commitment, sincerity, devotion, incorruptibility, and reliability. How beautiful would it be to be loved? For someone to simply understand me. To not seek my attention, to not worship my body. You’ll feel lonely perhaps, when you realise you are only liked for your face, Desire – It’s a funny thing. It feels like a manipulation. You will grow tired of being desired, treated as a materialistic achievement.
Hearts would cease to be disintegrated, if the true desires of the people can be revealed, if the desire they seek is for body, attention or soul? I hope you have the courage to seek love, for it is not for the weak, is not for those who are slaves for their desires.
Hereby, I hope when you meet someone. You’d be able to differentiate between the two. That you’d impart wisdom unlike me for I’ve been tempted to the allure of desire many times. Ponder on this thought. Perhaps It may help you or someday just simply read this again.

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