ੈ♡˳·˖✶ basic info.

birth name. huang jiaying 黄佳英
korean name. hwang jayeon 황자연
english name. daisy hwang

birthday. july 18, 1998
birthplace. kowloon tong, hong kong
zodiac sign. cancer
chinese sign. tiger
nationality. chinese (hong kong)
height. 152cm
weight. 53kg

clothes, ulzzang, and fashion image cigarette, grunge, and vintage image grunge and city image denim and sunglasses image
DAZEY (데이지) is a hong kong rnb singer, songwriter, and producer.

stage name. DAZEY
fandom name. jades (jade is considered a symbol of harmony, purity, and gentleness in chinese culture.)
label. cre.ker entertainment (2016-2018), p nation (2020).
debut date. june 25, 2015 (as hwang jayeon), may 30, 2019 (as DAZEY)

ੈ♡˳·˖✶ appearance.

asian, beautiful, and icon image pink, lipstick, and aesthetic image fashion, red, and style image asian, beautiful, and icon image
dark hair that falls to her shoulders, brown eyes (but are constantly in green contacts due to her eyesight), light medium skin tone, full lips.
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trademarks include: long, black acrylics, color blocked or thrifted clothes, film photography, books, and cigarettes.

ੈ♡˳·˖✶ personality.

positive traits. independent, outspoken, empowering, creative, humorous, adaptable, intelligent. she is inspired by everything.

negative traits. tactless, stubborn, hot-headed. she tends to bottle her own frustrations up, which causes her to act out at times.

core values. honesty, respect.

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ੈ♡˳·˖✶ style.

  • airport/casual.
Image by Lelie Danesh shoes image
  • performance.
aesthetic, alternative, and beauty image Inspiring Image on We Heart It
  • award shows.
fashion, girl, and aesthetic image fashion image makeup, euphoria, and alexa demie image aesthetic image
  • interviews.
fashion and outfit image fashion, outfit, and grunge image

ੈ♡˳·˖✶ trivia.

  • she's been writing songs since she was 11.
  • dazey was born and raised for 10 years in hong kong, but she spent her teen years in canada.
  • she trained and debuted as a singer under cre.ker entertainment, but she dealt with mental health issues during her time there. she left the company and the industry briefly for rehabilitation.
  • her musical inspirations are tia ray, kehlani, beyonce, and boa.
  • favorite food: hotpot, sweet and sour pork, mint choco ice cream.
  • she's more drawn to cats than dogs.
  • dazey is an only child.
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ੈ♡˳·˖✶ inner circle.

new, the boyz, and choi chanhee image new, choi chanhee, and the boyz image
she considers the boyz' main vocal, choi chanhee (new) as her best friend. he was the first person to befriend her during their trainee days, and even when she left the company, they still kept in touch.
park jimin image park jimin image
after meeting soloist jamie park on an episode of after school club where dazey was a guest mc, the two have also worked on music together and were seen hanging out in each others' studios.
got7, jackson wang, and jackson image jacob, kevin, and creker image kpop, jiwoo, and somin image niki image
other known friends include: jackson wang of got7 (they worked together on her debut EP), jacob and kevin of the boyz (they all lived in canada & were one of her first foreigner friends in korea), jiwoo and somin from kard (randomly met w/ each other at music shows bc they'd have the same comeback dates), and niki of 88rising (she's covered a lot of her songs which resulted in a collab before her hiatus).

ੈ♡˳·˖✶ controversies.

black hair, converse, and jeans image cigarette, marlboro, and white image pills, drugs, and heart image selca, the boyz, and lee juyeon image

2017. rumors between her and one of got7's rappers mark tuan began after their small skit on after school club, and were further sparked as they were spotted meeting each other at an awards show. the two, however, were just good friends and did not have any involvement with each other.

Male and female idol friendships are so scrutinized by the public that it's become an unwritten rule for us not to hang out as much in public even when we really want to. I just think it's so strange that people tend to forget that we can actually just be friends.
DAZEY on VLive, December 2017

2018. she got pretty big during late 2017 and the first half of 2018, which got her schedule booked left and right. her enigmatic and soulful performances would later wane as she began experiencing health problems, as stated by her previous company. things took a turn when news broke that she was found with drugs at the airport (which only turned out to be her antidepressants). cre.ker announces a week later that she would be leaving and going to rehab.

while she was in rehab:

  • jamie releases her last song stay beautiful under jyp entertainment, to which she confirms that it was about her.
  • new does not openly speak about the situation, but he does post a rare message on the boyz' fancafe right after the news about her rehab broke.
Hello, everyone! New here~
I hope our fans are doing well. Please take care of yourselves, always!
Remember that there will always be someone who will love you and take care of you. If you feel like there is no one, here I am.
I am your best friend and I love you~ That's all, good night!
New's Fancafe post in July 2018

2020. after a successful time in rehab, dazey slowly got back into the flow of things. she signs with a new label, takes her time with her music, and began living more healthily. not even a dating rumor with one of the boyz' members could deter her recovery.

right after her first p nation single release and the boyz' win on road to kingdom, media outlets were quick to expose dazey's new love interest, lee juyeon. it took weeks for their companies to respond, but they then later confirmed that the relationship was not all rumors.

flowers, pretty, and pink image
'oh my,' dazey writes on an instagram post a day before the companies' confirmation. 'i keep getting flowers everyday. my place will overflow at this point.'

this was so fun to make. hehe. thanks for sticking around! stream THE STEALER by the boyz~