People say that when you grow up, you change. You loose the magic that you see in everything and because of the tough experiences that you go through your heart hardens and you just no longer see the magic nor believe in it.

Here’s a little secret of mine as an adult:
20 years have passed since I was 5 years old. I’ve been through so much pain, traumas and heartbreak.
Life wasn’t so soft with me and I reached to a point where I accepted that things don’t happen like magic.
Everything is hard to get and almost nothing goes as planned.

No matter the ups and downs in my life, I still saw the magic. I didn’t loose it and I never will.
All it takes is a beautiful butterfly to fly by for me to mesmerized.
All it takes is a cone of ice cream to make me fly to the moon using my happiness as the fuel.

All it takes is a “Hi” from a person I adore and means the world to me to put a smile on my face for days.

All it takes is a small challenge between me and myself to leave everything and go chase the sunset for me to live the magic.

Life is magical. But the real magic resides within you. Within your thoughts.