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so before we get into this let me clarify a few things:

  • I'm a semi-new kpop fan, I've only been into bts & bp for a long time but i've recently gotten into more groups
  • I wanted to do this now to see the difference in my answers after I get to know more groups or in a good amount of time from now
  • I tried to limit the number of times a group appeared in each answer to just one so I didn't have too many people from the same group in my answer
  • these are my opinions so if you disagree, idc
  • my top boy & girl groups are in order of how much I know/like them rn so the ones lower in the rankings I just have a good view on them but I probably don't know all their names or songs and stuff
  • anyway enjoy

1. top 6 boy groups

army, bts, and bts ot7 image
1) BTS
got7, bambam, and mark image
2) Got7
exo, sehun, and kai image
3) Exo
Chan, Ikon, and song image
4) iKon
felix, han, and hyunjin image
5) Stray Kids
boys, cpop, and cute image
6) Wayv

2. top 4 girl groups

blackpink, rose, and jennie image
1) BlackPink
header image
2) Red Velvet
twice, kpop, and momo image
3) Twice
elkie, yeeun, and yujin image
4) CLC
loona, kpop, and heejin image
5) Loona
dreamcatcher, twitter update, and 드림캐쳐 image
6) Dreamcatcher

3. favorite solo artists

kpop, lee ji eun, and soloist image
roy kim image
Roy Kim

4. top 4 male biases

exo, sehun, and kpop image bobby and Ikon image junior, mark, and youngjae image Image by BieberBTS
Sehun, Bobby, Jackson, Jimin

5. top 4 female biases

crystal clear, clc, and sorn image aesthetic, kpop, and dahyun image asian, blackpink, and jisoo image kpop, irene, and red velvet image
Sorn, Dahyun, Lisa, Irene

6. ult. male bias

bts, jimin, and park jimin image bts, jimin, and park jimin image
Jimin :)

7. ult. female bias

lisa, blackpink, and icon image lisa and blackpink image
Lisa <3

8. first group you liked

bts, v, and jin image
B! T! S!

9. first song you heard

Image by Sugi
blood sweat and tears - BTS

10. first bias

v, bangtan, and jungkook image jin, hoseok, and kim taehyung image
tae tae

11. favorite era of your bias

idol, bangtan, and undercut image blackpink, lisa, and kpop image
Jimin - idol era / Lisa- duddu era

12. favorite song

this is just from the groups I stan and I only picked a few// basically these aren't all my favorites and there are def more but yk

album, black, and black and white image kpop, kpop album cover, and got7 image lisa, kill this love, and meme image album, wendy, and irene image
Truth Untold - BTS / Lullaby - Got7 / Kick it - BlackPink / Russian Roulette - Red Velvet

13. top 4 leaders

aesthetic, funny, and kpop image JB and got7 image Image by Siniestra kpop, irene, and lq image
Joonie, JB, Bang Chan, Irene

14. ships

bts, jungkook, and jimin image aesthetics, archive, and concept image got7, jackson, and jinyoung image kpop, dahyun, and twice dahyun image boys, Chen, and lay image irene, joy, and red velvet image

15. who would you want as a best friend

exo, kpop, and d.o image Image by Phạm Minh Châu blackpink, jisoo, and kpop image Image removed mark tuan and got7 image elkie, yeeun, and yujin image
d.o., yoongi, jisoo, nayeon, mark, seunghee

16. favorite vocalist

Image by m bts, jungkook, and jeon jungkook image exo, we are one, and do kyungsoo image crystal clear, low quality, and kpop image
rosé, jungkook, d.o., seunghee

17. favorite rapper

bts, jung hoseok, and hoseok image asian, details, and girl image blackpink image rm, bts, and namjoon image
hobi, lisa, jennie, joon

18. favorite maknae

aesthetics, chaelisa, and archive image cute image twice and tzuyu image kim yugyeom, yugbam, and bambam image
rose & lisa, jungkook, tzuyu, bambam&yugyeom

19. favorite debut

kpop, lisa, and rose image
blackpink - boombayah

20. favorite collaboration

black, Lady gaga, and lisa image kpop, bts, and reactions image
sourcandy -lady gaga & blackpink, idol - bts & nicki minaj

21. what other music do you listen to?

r&b-sza, 6lack, Amber Mark, Brent Faiyaz, chloe x halle, frank ocean, h.e.r, Jazmine sulivan, lauryn hill, the weeknd, usher, tinashe, teyana taylor etc.

pop- beyonce, ariana grande, rina sawayama, rihanna, troye sivan, victoria monet etc.

rap- kendrick lamar. tierra whack, nicki minaj, roddy rich, drake, polo g, cardi b, young thug, doja cat, dreamville etc.

other- hozier, talos, don toliver, burna boy, FKA twigs, janelle monae, solange, taylor swift

there's A LOT more but I'm not tryna do too much

Anyway, thats the end, bye!