cover image - source: felicity jones as catherine morland in northanger abbey (2007) dir. jon jones.


happy autumn! 🍁☕

i'm posting this a little later than what i planned but it's not officially autumn until the 22nd of september. it's my favourite season so i'm making the most of it.

i plan to write quite a few autumnal articles this year but here are some of my favourites from last year...♡

anyway, here's my moodboard for september! i kind of went for a dark academia vibe to fit in with the 'back to school/work/uni' season. 🍁

autumn, brown, and cold image
autumn image fashion, aesthetic, and autumn image brown, architecture, and autumn image autumn image aesthetic, blue, and candles image books, vintage, and candle image classic, indie, and enjoy image autumn and leaves image tea and vintage image book, smell, and quotes image 19th century, art, and beautiful image moon, black, and dark image
autumn, beautiful, and fall image

september ~ the familiar scent of brand new notebooks, crunching leaves underfoot, late night studying by flickering candlelight, hot sweet tea, the first embrace of your warm winter coat, ghostly moonlight and the amber glow of the maple tree, dressed in her fiery, autumn gown. 🍁