🌿 if you can't shower:
This happens to me too. dry shampoo will help here, and the face and body can be wiped with baby wipes or makeup remover wipes.

🌿 if you cannot change bedding and make your bed:
you can at least shake the blanket and the sheet so that all sorts of crumbs fly off. so, at least, it will be a little more comfortable to sleep.

🌿 if you can't change:
use deodorant, you can roll on clothes. if you can, then comb, if not, then tuck your hair into a bun or ponytail.

🌿 if you can't cook anything to eat:
if you can, it will be super something to order at home. if you cannot, then try to look in the store for something that is easy to cook (pour boiling water, put in the microwave, etc.). as a last resort, at least do not forget to drink some water.

🌿 if you cannot reply to messages:
set the alarm for a few hours in advance, and when it rings, answer all the necessary messages. if these are some important messages that need to be answered properly, then find response templates and do not worry. if these are just private messages, then you shouldn't be shy and you can safely answer 'sorry, I'm not in a very comfortable position right now, I will answer as soon as I can'.

🌿 if you cannot sleep:
ASMR video always helps me. in any case, look for something calm and soporific that you can put in the background and not clog your brain. even if you can't fall asleep anyway, you will relax at least a little.

🌿 if you can't go outside:
open the curtains. so you show the world that you are here. step by step you will get out into the street.

🌿 if you cannot go to school / work:
let people know. tell your colleagues or classmates, tell them that it is very important and you will not be able to come. give yourself a couple of days, but then you have to come back. ask me to send you everything that you have missed during these two days.

🌿 if you cannot brush your teeth and wash your face:
we wipe the face, as I already said, with napkins, and for the teeth you can chew mint gum or rinse your mouth.

🌿 remember that you have already managed to go through this. it worked then, it will work now. the whole point is to survive. do not force yourself to live to the fullest. the most important thing now is to hold out.