if you feel down or if you are very sad, you can follow my mini list of advices. take care of yourself honey
- read a book (not sad lmao, full action or romantic hehe)
- draw or learn to draw
- watch some anime (a have collections, pick one and watch it!)
- paint smthg
- go to a walk
- ride bike
- cook some pastries or new recipes of pizza (yummyyyy)
- dance (start with sad song, and end with a good twerk music lmao)
- challenge yourself with some rap songs
- write (a history)
- write (a song)
- talk to me :)
- leave your phone and stares at the sky (i swear there is a lot of things to watch like birds, stars etc)
- plant something (cactus is very good to help the sad person)
- sew (omg i love it)
- diy some random things in your room
- take care of yourself with a mask, makeup, haircuts, nails, bath...
- watch some ghibli films hehe
- do your homework early
voilààààà, i hope it helped you
thank you for your time

credits of the image https://tse1.mm.bing.net/th?id=OIP.l68ly4MHSYqfnd73SeIJ5AHaF7&pid=Api