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I'm putting this here for safe-keeping because the intro and list of real people are no longer in the manuscript and I don't want to forget it.
I also thought you hearters might be interested in who your ancestors-with-spirit-and-style were, if you don't already :)
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When I took a detour into being an executive in Manhattan (2006 - 2013)

I’m a British writer, based in Los Angeles, CA, and have made my living as a journalist (and ghostwriter) since 1992 - apart from the years I spent as a digital media executive in Beijing, Delhi, Hong Kong, London, New York, Paris and Seoul (yes, it was fabulous - mostly).

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My career started back in the UK, on the Independent, a national newspaper, at its first HQ, on City Road, London EC1, just off Fleet Street.
Coincidentally, I was a journalist there at the same time as Helen Fielding (Bridget Jones), JoJo Moyes (Me Before You) and Allison Pearson (I Don’t Know How She Does It).

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During my years at The Independent I worked on pretty much every desk from arts to business, sports and technology, the Saturday magazine, London Section and The Independent on Sunday broadsheet.

Since then I have been published (under several different bylines) in ELLE China, Esquire Latino, Four Seasons magazine, Good Housekeeping UK, Harper’s Bazaar Australia, O, The Oprah Magazine South Africa, Mosaic (Morgan Stanley), Refinery 29, Time Out (London), Women's Wear Daily (WWD), and Ziff Davis PCMag.

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The world of people-who-use-words has long fascinated me but I had no idea it still interested young people until the global pandemic hit

(in 2020, if you’re reading this from the Future, and if you are - How Did It All End?).

During lockdown, when much of my regular work went on hiatus, I kept myself occupied by contributing to WeHeartIt, under teamgloria (one of) my alter ego(s).

WeHeartIt was founded in Brazil in 2008, has 45 million users, average age 19 years old, and is considered a safe place for young women:

(i.e. few selfies, zero "likes" function, nada comments = no crap).

Rather surprisingly, considering I’m 51 (yes, really), I have 53,000 followers there. Mostly because I had a book published called How to Stay Sane in a Crazy World (Hay House, 2014).

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But I digress. On WeHeartIt, without exception, my images and stories about journalism were those that resonated most. It gave me an idea and, in March 2020, I started to write this book.

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Lottie Lyons: Synopsis

It’s 1935 (yes, you read that right) and Lottie Lyons, a young Californian, wants (more than anything) to be a reporter in Manhattan.

She takes the cross-country train, carrying just one bag and a typewriter, checks into a boarding house, and starts pitching newspaper and magazine editors.

But there’s trouble on the horizon: Ruthless competitors, glorious (and multiple) romantic prospects and a tempting call from Hollywood all threaten to derail her dreams.

Real People

Throughout the fictional tale, there are real people mentioned, for context, they’re not part of the plot. This is because I wanted to rewrite them back into history.

For example, Jane Grant was an accomplished journalist. However, Grant has been consigned to history as the ex-wife of Harold Ross, founder of the New Yorker.

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In 1935, when my novel is set, Grant traveled to both China and Russia as a Foreign Correspondent for The New York Times. I have proof - I tracked down her Press Pass - it’s on my canvas at WeHeartIt if you want to see it:

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along with those issued to Erika Mann and Clare Hollingworth.

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I have hundreds of examples like this.

So, while this is a novel, and Lottie is entirely fictional, there are names you might recognize throughout the story. But, because I’m a journalist, every detail in this book has been scrupulously researched (right down to the fashions, movies, books, subway stops, slang, and snacks) and every person I’ve included was working in their field, in 1935.

The List (of real people)

Here are the names of the real people who were active, professionally, in 1935 and are mentioned, incidentally, in LOTTIE LYONS ROOKIE REPORTER:

A. H. Fish (Anne Harriet Fish), Illustrator, Vanity Fair

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Adela Rogers St John, Journalist, Los Angeles Herald

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Agness "Aggie" Underwood, Crime Writer, Los Angeles Daily News

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Anita Loos, Author, Screenwriter

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Antonia Brico, Composer, Conductor, New York Philharmonic

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Berenice Abbott, Photographer

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Charlotte Perriand, Architect, Designer

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Cipe Pineles, Art Director, Graphic Designer, Conde Nast

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Clemence Dane, Author, Screenwriter

writer and clemencedane image writer and clemencedane image

Dorothy Arzner, Director, Screenwriter

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Dorothy Draper, Interior Designer

dorothy draper image beautiful, interior design, and dorothy draper image

Dorothy L. Sayers, Author

author and dorothylsayers image book image

Dorothy Marckwald, Interior Designer, Ocean Liners

designers, interiors, and anneurquhart image CRUISESHIP, etsy, and translatlantic image

Dorothy Parker, Author, Journalist

dorothy parker, literature, and poet image book, tumblr, and dorothy parker image

Dorothy Thompson, Vienna Correspondent, Philadelphia Ledger

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Edith Head, Costume Designer

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Eileen Gray, Architect, Designer

architect, designer, and eileengray image modernism, interior, and eileen gray image

Eleanor Treacy, Art Director, Fortune magazine

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Elizabeth McCausland, Art Critic

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Ethel Hays, Cartoonist, Syndicated (NEA)

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Ethel Payne, Crime Reporter, Chicago Defender

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Gisèle Freund, Photographer

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Huda Sha‘rawi, Social Justice Advocate, Turkey

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Jane Grant, Foreign Correspondent, New York Times

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Janet Flanner, Columnist, The New Yorker

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Julia Morgan, Architect

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Katharine Brush, Author, Columnist, The New Yorker

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Kathryn Scola, Screenwriter, Paramount Pictures

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Margaret Bourke-White, Photographer, Fortune magazine

margaret bourke-white image margaret bourke-white image

Marion Davies, Actor, Producer

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Marjorie Howard, Paris Correspondent, Harper’s Bazaar

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Neysa McMein, Illustrator, Film Reviewer, McCall’s magazine

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Ruth E. Morris, Architect, Paramount Studios

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Ruth E. Morris designed these gates, including other buildings on the Lot

Ruth Eastman, Illustrator, Life magazine

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Ruth Harriet Louise, Photographer, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer

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Salka Viertel, Screenwriter, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer

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Greta Garbo [L], Salka Viertel [R]

Schiaparelli, Fashion Designer

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The Boswell Sisters, Jazz Singers

the boswell sisters image vintage image

Vicki Baum, Author, Screenwriter, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer

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Virginia Van Upp, Executive Producer, Columbia Pictures

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Zora Neale Hurston, Author

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