Hey Gorgeous! As wearing masks is getting normalized through this pandemic, I hope that you guys are coping well throughout these few months. It has been a long time since I have written my articles but I had to focus on my finals and finally have graduated! However, as a fresh graduate, searching for jobs has been really stressful as companies are financially struggling and entry-level job positions are being compromised. Even though I have been applying for work for only a few months, there are many things that I wished I knew earlier so I wouldn't have missed my chance when I was applying for jobs!

Get Your Resume Right

Resumes should be personalized for each job field you are applying for. I was applying for two job fields which are the social service sector and the HR sector. Therefore, I had to change the objective of my resume to cater to the particular sector I am applying for.
It important that for fresh graduates, your resume should be only one page. In addition, get creative with your resume and utilize that one page. Use websites like canva as they many interesting resume designs to cater to your style:) Start with what is the most relevant to the job, for example for the social service sector, my experiences in the social service sector are something that I would present first in my resume.
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Job Experiences

Job experiences are really important especially the ones that are relevant to your field, so if you are having a holiday or semester break make sure you join such jobs to boost your resume!
When you go for such jobs, make sure you maintain a good relationship with your supervisor, manager, or even the director of the company. This will help you land good recommendations and you can use them as your references in your resume!
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Take a day to look through the available job positions and companies that you want to work for. After deciding, cater your resume and cover letter according to the job positions and then apply. Do not rush in just because your peers are ahead of you. I rushed in without knowing what I wanted and I just applied whatever was available which shows the recruiters that I do not know what do I want. Therefore, take your time and make sure you know what you are applying for!
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Job searching takes time and it differs from people to people. Don't forget to constantly ask for feedback from interviewers or even job coaches to improve your resume skills and interviewing skills. Constructive feedbacks are always appreciated and do not give up! It might a tiring and long process especially during this pandemic but do not give up!
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Don't worry Gorgeous you will get your dream job so keep grinding my little boss babe!

Photo by Nikita Kachanovsky on Unsplash