Hi guys, for today's article I wanted to do a 'fall fashion trends' kind of article for this year, because I love to talk about fashion and style and also I thought it could be very helpful and useful for all of you guys, to see which kind of styles are going to be on trend in the next months and which one you like and would wear !

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1. Metallic

bathroom, metallic, and glossluvz image fashion, dress, and pink image blue, chic, and clothing image fashion, metallic, and slim fit image chains, look, and rose gold image fashion, jeans, and style image
I love this trend a lot and I actually have many pieces like those, but mainly for summer actually !

2. Sparkly

fashion, style, and outfit image dress, fashion, and glitter image clothes, sparks, and girl image clothes, heels, and clothing image fashion, glitter, and style image dress, fashion, and luxury image
I also love this one a lot, and I'm super happy that it keeps staying on trend ahah

3. Argyle patterns

fashion, skirt, and winter image shoes image argyle, bag, and baguette image argyle, baguette, and cardigan image
I personally don't like this trend, especially when it is also colorful :(

4. Patchwork

clothes, jeans, and outfit image etsy, shabby chic style, and patchwork dress image
I don't like this one as well ! It feels super old and I don't like to put together many patterns and colors in my outfits

5. Capes

bags, coats, and elegance image dress, fashion, and haute couture image aesthetic, capes, and dresses image fashion, style, and outfit image
well, I'm not super sure about this trend because it is something I think I don't own in my closet and so that I never wear.. it is not super bad, but I would personally prefer a regular coat !

6. Plaid

autumn, pumpkin, and fall image autumn, nature, and fall image accesories, grunge outfits, and plaid image fashion, outfit, and style image autumn, brown, and sweater image Image by frutxxi
I don't love this, I may only like it if it was in neutral colors <3

7. Fringes

fashion, dress, and clothes image clothes, fringe, and dress image clothes, outfit, and fashion image fashion, black, and outfit image fashion, blue, and hair image shay mitchell, pretty little liars, and beauty image
I like this style a lot, in fact I have different fringed pieces :)

8. Skirt suit

fashion, skirt, and suit image fashion, skirt, and outfit image fashion, girl, and outfit image outfit, skirt, and fashion image brown, purse, and stylish image fashion, girls, and beauty image
This is beautiful to me, I find it very classy but simple and I think it is perfect for work !

9. Floral print

fashion, floral print, and moda image Alexis, chic, and shirt dress image accessories, casual, and dress image bun, clutch, and dress image fashion, floral print, and easy to wear image beauty, clothes, and lifestyle image
this trend reminds me more of the summer and spring because of its colors, but I would of course wear it also in fall so it is a yes for me !

10. Lingerie

fashion, outfit, and style image fashion, pink, and style image fashion, outfit, and style image chic, model, and style image
abs, bathroom, and mirror flicks image fashion, style, and outfit image Beautiful Girls, body inspiration, and lingerie image clothes, lingerie, and cordão image
I am absolutely in love with this one, I would buy all the lingerie pieces existing lol

11. Satin dress

silk satin image chic, look, and sexy image classy, outfit, and satin image dress, ootd, and ruffles image classy, outfit, and satin image basic, chic, and clothing image
very cute !

12. Corset blouse

blouse, corset, and jeans image aesthetic, blouse, and corset image silk blouse, outfit goals, and corset skirt image fashion and girl image baby blue, corset, and fashion image corset, shirt, and fishnets image
I have nothing like this in my closet, but I adore it and I'm going to buy it !

13. Bustier top

aesthetic, gold necklace, and white crop top image bows, fashion, and bustier image off shoulder top, white crop top, and mirror selfie image black outfit, accessories jewelry, and monochromatic monochrome image bodysuit, ig model, and bedroom pic image bustier, blue jean, and outfit of the day ootd image
very similar trend, and I love it :)

14. Lace dress

brands, dress, and elegance image dress, lace, and sparkle image amazing, party, and skintight image dress, fashion, and white image dress image amazing, party, and skintight image
I've always loved this style, and I would wear it forever <3

15. Victorian style

long dress, puffy sleeves, and formal dresses image girl, long dress, and see through dress image dress, outfit, and royal image dress, victorian, and princess image dress, model, and Natalia Vodianova image vintage image
super particular, I think it would be a good idea for a prom or an important celebration like a wedding !

16. Ruffles

black & white, chic, and dentelle image moda and street style image body, fashion, and fitness image fashion, style, and outfit image bikini, inspo, and body image dress, pink, and style image
love this trend a lot, a have a lot of clothing pieces with ruffles :)

17. Shearling jackets

backpack, brown bag, and high boots image fashion, girl, and sunglasses image fashion, style, and outfit image fur image bag, sunglasses, and fashion image fashion, outfit, and style image
love them, I should buy one <3

18. Bows

bows, lace, and lingerie image pretty, girl girly girls, and elegant image fashion and shoes image dress, white, and bow image Image by LiquidEyes Image by LiquidEyes
that's super girly and feminine which is not 100% my style, but I have to admit that I quite like it !

Ok guys, so these are all the new season fashion and style trends, I hope you loved them and that I helped you deciding which pieces to buy and wear. Let me know your ideas and wait for next articles, which are coming soon