Hello everyone and welcome to my perfect fall morning routine. ♡


You can adopt this type of morning routine when you have enough time (on the weekend or when your day does'nt start to early).

I wake up at 7am to be sure that I have enough time to enjoy my morning and be productive.

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First, I start with drinking a glass of water to rehydrate my body.
After that, I take my phone and go on Youtube to watch this type of amazing videos that helps me to enter in the fall mood:

Mental health moment

Now that I'm awake, I take my book and start journaling. I write at least 3 sentences that i'm grateful for. If I don't want to write, I just go on weheartit and spot all of the quotes that gives me motivation and makes me feel positive.

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Clean the room

When I have a good mindset, I can get out of bed and aerate my room for 10 minutes. I put my pillows and quilt on the edge of the window and, just after, I turn on my essential oil diffuser or light a candle. For this season, I love using cinnamon essential oil because it helps to fight against tiredness and it smells so good, it's perfect for fall. When it's fresh, I can make my bed and I'm feeling happy to see my room clean and tidy.

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Physical activity moment

It's time to wake up my body. I love making yoga or just some simple stretching for 10 to 15 minutes in my bedroom. It's important to make some exercises in the morning to release stress and help you to sleep better when bedtime is coming.

Bathroom moment

Time to get a shower and self-care. I love using Rituals products. They smell good and help me to get a smoother skin and shiny hair.
Then, I apply Vanilla pumpkin body cream from the brand TheBodyShop and I put on a tonic and a serum from Biotherm and a day cream from Weleda.

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My style can be classy and casual. It depends on my mood. I love neutral colors, blazers, pleated pants and golden jewelry.

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If you want to be inspired for fall, you can follow my autumn look collection:


I love changing my habits and eat different type of breakfast. It can be sweat or salty, hearthy or not. It's important to eat in the morning and enjoy the taste of different falvors. Realize that you have the chance to eat everyday. Be grateful for that.

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You can also follow my breakfast and coffee collection:

Makeup and hairstyle

I love using makeup. It's a creative and relaxing moment in the morning. I like when it's natural and nude but I also like to add a special touch like colorful lipstick or eyeshadow. For my hair, I usually wave them with a curling iron or I just brush them with my hand and a wavy hair product.

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Fall morning activities

  • Creativity

When I feel creative, I sit with a cup of tea in a cosy place at home and I draw, write articles or make photo montage.

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I make this type of activity in front of a cosy Youtube video:

  • Me time

I also love having a "me time". I do my nails or selfcare while I'm watching a serie, a movie or simply read a book that transports me like Harry Potter. I also like to do autumn DIY like recipes or potpourri.

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  • Go out

Alone, with my family or friends, I love to take a walk in the nature and grab some tree branches that I use to decorate my house.

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  • Work

If I need to work on my university files, I love to go in a cozy coffee shop with a view of the city.

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That's it! I hope you liked it. Don't forget to subscribe and like my article if you enjoyed reading it.

Take care of you ♡