just some stuff i want to do in october and november

delicious, dessert, and sweet image autumn, fall, and food image
make cinnamon buns
book, lord of the rings, and tolkien image book, fall, and lifestyle image
read lord of the rings
deer, animal, and nature image autumn, deer, and fall image
look for deers in the forest
dark, forest, and green image art, nature, and photography image
pick leaves and pinecones
autumn, leaves, and fall image autumn, rain, and leaves image
go out in the rain with pajamas on :)
Apple Pie, autumn, and fall image autumn, fall, and cake image
try to make apple pie
autumn, fall, and Halloween image autumn, fall, and book image
watch scary movie (scary as in coraline)
autumn, fall, and travel image autumn, fall, and leaves image
go on a roadtrip
coffee, fire, and nature image fire, winter, and cozy image
eat marshmallows by a fire
pumpkin, autumn, and Halloween image fall, pumpkin, and Pumpkin Pie image
carve a pumpkin
forest and picnic image autumn, dark, and forest image
take a long ass walk in the forest